Korean-Japanese national judo representative Heo Mi-mi (21, Gyeongbuk Sports Association) postponed her first world championship award to another opportunity.

Heo Mi-mi, ranked 5th in the world rankings, won a golden score (overtime) of 9 minutes and 23 seconds in the 2023 Doha World Championships Women’s 57kg bronze medal match held in Doha, Qatar on the 10th (Korean time). Mongolia) was mapped. The final ranking is 5th.

It was a bout that revealed a lack of experience. After 4 minutes of regular time, the two tied without a point and went into overtime. Up to this point, Heomi was in an advantageous position. Hermimi had one map and Lecagbatogu had two maps. If Heomimi only took 1 more map away from her opponent, she could have drawn a foul loss. However토토사이트, as her stamina ran out, Heomimi couldn’t try her proper technique. On the other hand, the opponent attempted several attacks. Heomimi, who was consistent with her passive play, rather received two of her guidance and took her to her knees. She missed all the victories due to inexperienced game management.

There was also the aftermath of her injury. Heo Mi-mi suffered a ligament injury in her left thumb earlier this year and has been focusing on her rehabilitation until recently. It’s been less than a month since she started training in earnest. After she passed the first round (64 rounds) with a bye, Hermimi cruised through to the quarterfinals. However, in the quarterfinals, she was fouled out by Japan’s ace Haruka Funakubo (fourth place), forcing her to miss the loser’s revival. In the losers revival match, she defeated Nora Zakova (8th place, Kosovo) by half. Heo Mi-mi shakes off her regret and runs again. for the Paris Olympics next year.

Born in Tokyo in 2002, Heo Mi-mi’s father is Korean and her mother is Japanese. Both of her grandparents are Korean nationals. He set foot on Korean soil to keep a promise to his grandmother, who passed away in 2021. Her grandmother left a will saying, “I hope her granddaughter will become a Korean national team member and go to the Olympics.” Following her grandmother’s wishes, Heo Mi-mi renounced her Japanese citizenship and joined the judo team of the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association last year. In March of last year, after wearing the Taegeuk mark (2nd division in the national team) at the national team selection event (57kg class), he won three international competitions (two Grand Slams and one Grand Prix) in just one year.

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