The Japanese media took a serious look at the Dutch WBC national team’s practice losing streak. 

On the 24th, the Japanese sports media ‘Full Count’ reported on the news of the Dutch national team’s consecutive defeats. The media said, “The Dutch WBC national team, which has set up camp in Arizona, will have a practice game against the Korean professional baseball team and will move to Taiwan, where the first round will be held.” 먹튀검증

The Dutch national team, made up of quality players well known to domestic baseball fans, such as Andrenton Simmons, Didi Gregorius, Vladimir Valentin, and Roger Bernardina, lost both matches against Hanwha. After losing 1-4 in the first leg on the 20th, they were scolded 4-15 on the 22nd. 

The media said, “The Dutch national team put forward players with brilliant careers such as Valentin and Simmons, who are familiar in Japan, even though Zander Bogatz and Jonathan Scoop have not yet joined, but lost in a row to Hanwha, who finished at the bottom of the Korean professional baseball league for three consecutive years. Valentin He pointed out that he was the designated hitter three times in both games and only had one hit in seven at-bats. 

“The Netherlands is a strong player who advanced to the semifinals twice in a row in 2013 and 2017. Hensley Mullen, who played for Chiba Lotte Marines and Yakult Swallows in the past, is in charge, and Andrew Jones, who played for Rakuten Golden Eagles, joined as coach.” added. 

‘Full Count’ said, “Group A in the first round of the final round includes the Netherlands, Taiwan, Cuba, Italy, and Panama. The first and second place teams will play the top two teams in Group B at Tokyo Dome in the quarterfinals at Tokyo Dome, Japan.” “Can the Dutch national team, which changed to a vertical stripe uniform similar to the Hanshin Tigers in this tournament, show off the new uniform in Japan?

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