Shouldn’t we leave it to (Lee) Yoon Jeong-i to solve in the postseason?”

Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min mentions the name of setter Lee Yoon-jung without hesitation as the player who has been criticized the most this season. Lee Yoon-jeong, the fateful figure of the main setter in charge of game operation, often heard harsh reprimands from coach Kim during training and during the game.

However, coach Kim knows that without Lee Yoon-jung’s growth, it would have been difficult for him to advance to volleyball this spring. On the 17th, after decorating the final game of the regular league against GS Caltex with a shutout victory, he mentioned Lee Yoon-jung as a key player in the postseason, saying, “I’m trying to see how big Lee Yoon-jung’s liver is in the playoffs.”

It was the same on the V-League Postseason Media Day on the 21st. From the 23rd, during the playoffs against Hyundai E&C (2 wins from 3 games)토토사이트, Lee Yoon-jung’s name was often mentioned by coach Kim.

However, unlike the regular league, coach Kim tries to show Lee Yun-jeong the softest possible image of a commanding tower during the post season. Lee Yoon-jung, who is playing her first spring volleyball, is in a position to encourage her to show her skills calmly.

Director Kim acknowledged, “Lee Yoon-jung has been nagging me a lot and has been very upset. I have talked a lot about it.” I don’t think I should say anything,” he said.

Also, “If I say anything, I don’t think it will be better for Lee Yun-jung. I have to leave it to Bon and let him solve it on his own.” I plan to tell you that it is necessary to go simply.”  

Lee Yoon-jung’s candid speech also served as an opportunity for director Kim to make a ‘temporary change’. The part where coach Kim usually urged Lee Yoon-jung to work hard through media interviews came as a big ‘sadness’ to the player.

Coach Kim laughed, “I asked (Lee) Yoon Jeong-i and he said that he felt sorry for me. Until I asked him, he didn’t show it at all, but when I talked to him in person, his heart was different.” Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we were able to play the postseason.

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