On the 12th, the first round of the ‘2023 NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship’ (total prize money of 800 million won, prize money of 144 million won) was held at Suwon Country Club (par 72 6,586 yards) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

Lee Joo-mi, Lee Da-yeon, and Park Hyeon-kyung prepared to depart from the 10th tee at 8:30 am. The players at the tee box prepared for the game by stretching and talking.

At that moment, an official from Lee Joo-mi’s agency came up from behind the galleries and quietly said, “Lee Joo-mi forgot and came wearing her mother’s pants. Please focus on her upper body.”

Looking closely, Lee Joo-mi’s pants didn’t have an advertising board attached to them. Photojournalists confirmed by pressing the shutter. Suddenly, a lot of shutter sounds were heard, and Lee Joo-mi looked at her camera and put on a curious expression.

“What’s going on with her teammates?” she said with a curious expression on her face as she looked at her body, her teammates and the press.

Lee Joo-mi, who competed in her mother’s pants, kicked off the first round with a powerful tee shot. Lee Joo-mi made birdies at 4, 6, and 11, and bogeyed at 10 and 15, finishing the first round with a 1-under par for 45th place.

▲ Lee Joo-mi is making a puzzled expression when the reporters focus on her.

▲Lee Joo-mi starts the first round with a powerful tee shot.

▲ Lee Da-yeon, Park Hyun-kyung,토토사이트 and Lee Joo-mi (from left) are posing cutely after a tee shot.

Meanwhile, Lee Joo-mi enjoyed the thrill of her first win in her life at the Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship (total prize money of 1 billion won) held at the Women’s Ferrum Club on April 16th.

Lee Joo-mi (28, Golden Blue) enjoyed the excitement of her first win in her career at the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship (total prize money of 1 billion won).

Lee Joo-mi, who debuted on her 2015 regular tour, had not won any of her previous 147 events. She had only three ‘top 10’s before this tournament, and her best result was her tie for 5th at the 2021 Daebo House The Open.

And she finally got to enjoy the joy of her victory in this event, which was her 148th entry.

Lee Joo-mi took home 180 million won in prize money from her championship alone.

Right after winning the championship, Lee Joo-mi said, “I’ve just started, so I’ve been persevering to try something and finish it.” Lee Joo-mi said, “I’m happy that I finally got a good result.” I did. I will aim for one more win this year.”

[Lee Joo-mi, who appeared wearing her mother’s pants, is making a curious expression at the sound of her elongated reporter’s shutter.

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