In an online interview with Korean reporters on Road to 슬롯사이트 on the morning of the 25th (hereafter Korean time), Lee Jung-young warned, “The opponent will probably face a terrible and shocking result.”

On the 5th of next month, Lee Jung-young will decorate the stage for the ‘1st Road to UFC’ featherweight final at the UFC Fight Night event held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The UFC held a road to UFC tournament for Asian fighters with a ticket to the Octagon stage. The final winner of each weight class will sign an official contract with the UFC.

Lee Jung-young, who conquered the domestic Road FC stage, also participated in the competition. He is in his final training session ahead of the featherweight final in the United States.

In the quarterfinals of the tournament, Lee Jung-young defeated Xiebin (China) with an armbar in 36 seconds of the first round. He also knocked down Lu Kai (China) in the semifinals by punch KO in 42 seconds of the first round. If you look at mixed martial arts (MMA) as a whole, it is a win within one minute of the first round of three consecutive matches.

Lee Jung-young, who had already knocked out two Chinese fighters, showed confidence, saying, “Until now, my opponent couldn’t stand it.” He continued, “All Lee has to do is stick around,” he said, “I’ll show you that it doesn’t work for me.”

He met Lee Lee after arriving in the United States, but mentioned that the other person avoided eye contact first and explained, “I am definitely ahead of the momentum. I felt that he was reluctant to face me.”

At the same time, Lee Jung-young compared Lee to a ‘weasel’. The other person evaluates him as being cocky, but he doesn’t care at all.

Lee Jung-young emphasized that he would take responsibility for what he said, saying, “I will not be conceited. If I only show my skills, I think I will show a great performance.” He then promised to sign an official contract with the UFC, saying, “I also prepared an interview in English after the victory.”

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