Baek Seung-ho was only focused on winning.

Jeonbuk defeated Suwon 3-0 in the 12th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 10th. With this, Jeonbuk rose to 7th place.

It was a perfect victory. Jeonbuk opened fire with Moon Seon-min scoring 20 seconds after kick-off. Baek Seung-ho’s additional goal at the end of the first half widened the gap. It was an atmosphere where ‘Dak Gong’ came alive.

The second half was the same. To make matters worse, Suwon faced an inferiority in numbers as Bultuis was sent off due to an accumulation of warnings. Jeonbuk feasted with Baek Seung-ho’s multi-goal. In the end, Jeonbuk caught Suwon, escaped from a draw in 3 games, and succeeded in leaping to 7th place.

Baek Seung-ho, who was selected as the Distinguished Player, attended the press conference after the game. He scored a key goal with a calm volley and completed multiple goals with a fantastic free kick. Baek Seung-ho praised his colleagues who did their best to prepare for the Suwon exhibition despite difficulties big and small.

[Hereinafter Baek Seung-ho’s press conference Q&A]

Q. Impressions of the game

A. The players understood the tactics they prepared all week on the ground and showed them. I am happy that I was able to win in a difficult situation.

Q. Bad relationship with Suwon, multi-goal performance.

A. There is nothing. Jeonbuk was in a more difficult situation than that. I was happy that I was able to help bring victory. I didn’t think about anything else and just focused on the game.

Q. Free kick direct shooting score

A. It was a close area. If it is kicked hard, it can bend, and even if it touches our player, a dangerous situation could come out. I thought I was going to kick it hard, but it seems to have gone in as I thought.

Q. Thoughts on Jeonbuk’s sluggish performance

A. The last game was not as fortunate. It was very disappointing because both the players and I knew that the performance was not good. As director Kim Sang-sik left, I thought a lot. It seems that a good game came out while he prepared well with토토사이트 the thought that he had to change.

Q. Front and rear, preferred position

A. If you run defensively, it is a style that tries to stabilize the middle role. In today’s (offensive) position, I tried to help by waiting a little longer, receiving aggressively, and creating a lot of space.

I don’t think I’m particularly comfortable in this position, but I like both defensive and offensive positions. It is a part that depends on the opponent and the condition.

Q. Domination of the midfield

A. (Maeng) Seong-woong was in charge of the sideback. He kicks the ball well and is capable of possession. He prepared for the attack by inducing the opponent to come out and stabbing him, but it seems to have come out better than expected. The parts that the players practiced came out calmly on the pitch.

Q. Shooting training

A. Not really. Do a warm-up every day. It seems that I was fortunate enough to have several chances today. Depending on the opponent’s style in each game, many chances can come to anyone. I think I showed a good image by doing a lot of image training today.

Q. Leap to the top

A. Of course, that is the goal. First of all, since we are in the middle and lower ranks, we have to look at the reality. We have to prepare well from the game against Incheon United and rise to the rank we are aiming for. I thought it was possible and never gave up. I will prepare well from Incheon.

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