Donny van de Beek (26) is moving forward step by step to make a comeback. 

I am Van de Beek, a Dutch national team midfielder born in 1997. In the 2018/19 season, he was one of the main players in the semifinals 토토사이트of the European Football Association (UEFA) of AFC Ajax Amsterdam. He joined Manchester United on this basis in September 2020, but had a hard time competing for the starting lineup.

Van de Beek went through the season with great care as manager Eric ten Haag (53), who had been with Ajax, took over last summer. However, he suffered a knee injury in January and is out of the lineup.

Van de Beek was diagnosed with an out of season decision, but has been working hard to recover. During his rehabilitation process, he shared photos of himself exercising at the gym on social media.

And finally, Van de Beek returned to the training ground. Van de Beek conducted field training at Carrington, Manchester United’s training ground, on the 19th. On the same day, Manchester United took a picture and released it on the official website. It is impossible to return this season, but it is very positive in that the steps for returning for the next season are proceeding step by step. 

Van de Beek covered his face and shed tears after his injury. Photo|Newsis/AP

On the same day, Van de Beek said on the official Manchester United website, “Everything is getting better now. I feel much better and I am on a good route now. I try to look at the situation with a positive mindset every day.” 

“I’m getting closer to football every day. I can’t wait to play again. I can do almost everything (all activities) now and things are positive because I don’t have any more pain.” 

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