Anyang KGC, the leader in professional basketball, has solidified its solo system by winning 9 consecutive victories without hesitation. 2nd place Changwon LG also suffered a complete defeat, and it seems that there is no team to stop KGC’s high-altitude march.먹튀검증

In the home game against LG in the 2022-23 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Regular League held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th, KGC won a great victory by 89-67 and 22 points.

It was a match that drew attention due to the confrontation between 1st and 2nd place, but the result was bland. KGC recorded 7 3-pointers in the first half alone, taking a big lead 59-37 and seizing the victory early. Oh Se-geun flew with 26 points and 10 rebounds, and overwhelmed the overall rebound fight with 47-30.

KGC, who took revenge for the loss suffered in an away game against LG on January 28th, tied the record for the most consecutive wins in a team with 9 consecutive wins. During this period, there are no opponents, meeting 8 teams except for Seoul SK and winning all of them.

KGC showed steady scoring with Oh Se-geun and Omari Spellman at the fore. He scored 80 points or more in seven of his nine straight wins.

The fight for the lead in professional basketball is also being developed as a one-sided solo run by KGC. As of the 16th, the ride between KGC and LG has gone up to 4.5 games. KGC has 11 games left and LG has 12 games left, so it doesn’t seem easy to narrow this distance. LG became more urgent to shake off the pursuit of SK and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, who were tied for 3rd place by a car of 2.5 games.

KGC has never come down from the top spot since the opening of the season, and since November 18th of last year, it has not even allowed a tie for the lead. Here, KGC is not weak against any particular team. All teams except Jeonju KCC, who faced 2 wins and 2 losses, are showing an advantage. They faced Wonju DB 5 times and won all of them.

Recently, the momentum is hotter, but they are reaping complete wins by double-digit scores in 3 out of 4 games.

With this flow, it is possible for KGC to achieve a great record of winning the wire-to-wire (winning without dropping from first place from the start of the regular league to the end of the regular season). KGC, which reduced the regular league winning magic number to 8, will rise to the top on its own if it wins 8 out of the remaining 11 games.

So far, only two teams have won the wire-to-wire championship in the professional basketball regular league, Wonju Dongbu in the 2011-12 season and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2018-19 season. KGC is approaching its third great record.

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