Young people who have just entered society can receive housing support through various financial systems. However, when you get married, you are more disadvantaged in receiving support than when you are alone, so there is even a term called marriage penalty.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha pointed out why.


Mr. A, a newlywed working couple who got married last November.

She has not registered her marriage yet, the biggest reason is loans.

The loan that Mr. A is trying to get is a ‘stepping stone loan for buying a home’ that lends money to purchase a house at a low interest rate of 2% per year.

Singles can get a loan of up to 200 million won if their annual income is less than 60 million won, but married couples can only get a maximum of 70 million won or less in combined annual income.

[Mr. A/Newlyweds: I didn’t feel much of an advantage when I registered my marriage in getting a loan, and I decided that there was no advantage compared to when each other was unmarried, so I’m thinking of putting it off until I have a child plan for the time being.]

Most of the charter loans have the same income conditions for singles and marrieds.

[Mr. A/Newlyweds: There are now two couples, but the recognized income did not double. The majority of newcomers who actually start a family are in a structure where they do not see the benefits… .]

For the jeonse loan product targeting small and medium-sized businesses, married couples must have a combined income of less than 50 million won.

In the case of a working couple, both must be at minimum wage to qualify for a loan.

Among newlyweds who want to raise seed money, complaints about marriage penalties are increasing, and so-called ‘disguised singles’ who do not report marriage have also appeared.

The government is in a position that it is difficult to relax income requirements due to limited financial resources.

[Choi Seulgi/ Professor at KDI Graduate School of Public안전놀이터 Policy and Management: In the case of dual income, it is not actually that high-income class, but when the two are combined, it can seem like a fairly high income.

If you think about practical support for marriage , you should actually think about the financial part in a larger scope.

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