There are mixed reactions among netizens over the argument that women in their 30s who have not saved 30 million won before marriage should be rejected. The opinion that there is a problem is opposed to the opinion that each person may have their own reasons.

On the 5th, a post titled, “Women who bring 30 million won to marriage are really in trouble,” was posted on the online community Blind.

Mr. A, who introduced himself as a man working in a small business, said, “A new employee who joined the company last year has already saved 50 million won토토사이트.” “Of course, I am frugal. I’m not interested in luxury goods, and cheap and pretty clothes are my priority.” He also said that he never buys shoes for more than 100,000 won and that his hobby is eating delicious food and drinking beer. He continued, “But isn’t this a huge shoemaker?” He claimed, “I got a job two years earlier than a man and spent a lot of money on cosmetics, clothes, and makeup, but when I was 30-33 years old, I saved 30 million won? I think I can just skip it.”

Those who came across the article said, “If you want to skip it for that reason, it’s your choice. But just remember that you can also be filtered out by others for being a ‘person who judges uniformly by his own standards, ignoring the fact that each person has different circumstances’,” “I think there is no problem if the parties agree,” “It’s self-congratulatory,” and “Not everyone is good enough to smoke.” On the other hand, some people said, “There is a problem.

On the other hand, some said, “There is a problem. A woman who started working at the age of 25 earned 30 million won by the time she reached her 30s,” and “She’s absolutely right.”

In response to these mixed reactions, Ms. A further explained, “I’m talking about people who have a poor family, poor parents, bad health, student loans, and all the money they make goes into their bank account, and they are blinded by the desire for excessive luxury goods, overseas travel, and have the mindset of ‘I don’t need money, I just need to meet a man with a good job and a good life.'” He added, “I’m not bragging about saving 50 million won, but I saved it in less than a year and a half, and isn’t it too much that girls who got a job two years earlier couldn’t save 30 million won by the time they got married?”

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