Manager Eric Ten Haag (53) answered the question토토사이트

Manchester United is ahead of the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 36th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022/23 season held at Old Trafford in Trafford, Greater Manchester, Northwest England on the 13th (Korean time). 

Currently fourth-placed Manchester United are just one point ahead of fifth-placed Liverpool FC with one less game played. If the recent bad trend is not quickly rebounded, it may not go to the UEFA Champions League, which is given up to 4th place. 

On the 11th, two days before the match, Manchester United coach Ten Hag held a pre-match press conference. On the same day, according to Manchester United’s official website, coach Ten Hag was asked about Liverpool FC, which are in hot pursuit with a recent six-game winning streak.

Manager Ten Haag said, “Liverpool’s performance is not important. The competition for fourth place is in our hands. It is possible to advance on our own. We have to bring our results, then (competitor’s performance) does not matter.” took off 

“The important thing (not Liverpool) is Wolverhampton, our opponent. Wolverhampton have shown a great game lately, so our focus is on dealing with them. We don’t think about other opponents.” 

Asked if he could ignore Liverpool’s six-game winning streak, Ten Haag said: “Of course we can ignore that. It doesn’t matter.

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