The winner of the tense first set was KEPCO. In 24-23, KB Insurance balanced Hwang Taek-eui’s sub ace, but in 25-24, when Seo Jae-deok spiked, Hwang Kyung-min’s touch net mistake was pointed out, and the set ended as it was. From the point of 스포츠토토 view of KB Insurance, the number of blocking (4, KEPCO 0) was overwhelming, but the crime room, which was 3 more than the opponent (5), was a hindrance.

The flow of KEPCO continued in the second set. Thais, who succeeded in consecutive serve aces in 3-2, led the team’s upward trend. In the first set, even the height of KEPCO, which had been quiet, revived, widening the score gap between the two teams. In the end, in a one-sided flow, KEPCO took the 2nd set.

The counterattack of KB Insurance, which dedicated two sets, began. In 17-17, Thais’ quick open Beom-sil and Han Seong-jeong’s successful open attack scored consecutively and kept the lead until the end. Foreign player Andres Villena (registered name Villena), who scored 10 points in the third set alone, started the game.

KB Insurance overwhelmed the atmosphere with 7 points in a row in the 4th set 6-4. Here, the expression of Thais, who was not in sync with the setter Ha Seung-woo, hardened. KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min, who requested a time-out, ordered the players to play the game with frowns, but it did not go as he intended. KEPCO struggled to balance in the second half of the set, but the 4th set ended with Thais’ mistake attempting a back attack at 24-25. 

In the 5th set of fate, KEPCO made up for its lethargy in the previous two sets. In 11-9, KEPCO solidified its victory with Lim Seong-jin’s sub ace, and in 14-12, Thais’ open attack succeeded and confirmed victory.

The main character of the match today was definitely Tais. He scored the most points (32 points) in the team, and his attack success rate reached 51.06%. In addition, he achieved a triple crown (4th individual) with 3 blocks, 5 serves, and 3 back attacks.

In the previous match against Hyundai Capital on the 23rd, it soothed the disappointment of not being able to succeed in a single sub ace. After the 3rd set, the atmosphere was temporarily stolen by the opponent, but Tais, who was not shaken, proved his worth.

The domestic players who supported Thais also contributed greatly to the team’s victory. Seo Jae-deok (20 points), Shin Young-seok (14 points), and Lim Seong-jin (11 points) jointly scored 45 points. Cho Geun-ho (7), who recorded only 4 blocks, also performed well.

After the Korean Air Match on the 24th, the players of KB Insurance, who took a break for two days and digested the game, showed a somewhat tired look. It was not enough even in the fight of Viyena (32 points), which showed an attack share of close to 50%. It is regrettable that I did not have fun with the serve more than KEPCO (12 serve aces). There were only three sub aces of KB Insurance.

On the other hand, players from the 7 men’s clubs who have completed the 4th round schedule will participate in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 28th and 29th. After taking a day off, the 5th round begins with the match between Woori Card and KB Insurance at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 31st.

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