The number of fans visiting the D-League Stadium, the second team in professional basketball, has recently increased significantly.

It is because of basketball star Heo Hoon who enlisted in the Sangmu basketball team.

Reporter Shin Soo-bin visited the site.


Every time Hoon Heo catches the ball, cheers pour out.

Heo Hoon, who enlisted last summer, is still very popular.

Even during the daytime on weekdays, countless fans came to Icheon to watch Heo Hoon’s Sangmu match.

The D-League, which was held privately after the corona, opened some of the spectators from this season at the request of fans.

In particular, the Sangmu match, in which Heo Hoon is participating, is sold out every day as soon as online reservations start.

[Soundbite] Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team : “Thank you for coming all the way to Icheon despite the cold weather. Fans always come from afar to cheer me on no matter where I play, and I will never forget that gratitude.”]안전놀이터

2 years He also did not forget to congratulate his older brother, Heo Woong, who won consecutive All-Star rankings.

[Soundbite] Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team : “To be honest, I think I will continue to be number one until my older brother retires. Now I have to aim for second place. (All-Star runner-up) I think I’ll be more popular than Daesung. It’s the same.”]

Squad leader Heo Hoon, who scored 31 points today, is determined to conquer the D-League with a soldier’s spirit.

[Soundbite] Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team : “There are still some players who are not in their mental state, so we will emphasize military spirit and raise our mental strength to play one game at a time. Thank you so much for coming so far.”]

Top star Heo Hoon As a result, the D-League court, which was their own league, is also heating up with box office fever.

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