Will Sergio Busquets, the ‘last legend’ of Spain’s Primera Liga (La Liga) Barcelona, ​​remain a ‘living legend’?

Busquets is a legend who led the golden age of Barcelona. He debuted in the first team in 2008 after going through Barcelona youth토토사이트, and has played in 713 matches for a total of 15 seasons until this season. It is the third-highest record in Barcelona’s history. He also collected a total of 31 championship trophies, including 8 La Liga titles and 3 European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) titles.

Busquets is out of contract at the end of the season. A decision has not yet been made on what to do next. He can stay in Barcelona, ​​or else Major League Soccer Inter Miami in the US and Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia have been pointed out as next destinations.

Barcelona want the legend Busquets to stay. However, looking at the terms of the new contract they presented to Busquets, it seems that they want Busquets to leave. Desperation to catch a legend is a condition that cannot be seen.

Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported, “Barcelona presented Busquets with terms of a renewal contract. It is a one-year contract extension at a lower salary than before. In addition, a one-year extension option was added depending on the number of appearances in the next season.”

Currently, Busquets’ annual salary is known to be around 22 million euros (30.8 billion won). Barcelona have consistently forced Busquets to cut his salary, citing deteriorating finances. This coercion was presented as a condition for renewal of the contract. And if the number of matches is insufficient, the condition is that they will break up without remorse.

It’s not a courtesy to the legend. It can be said that it is a condition that crushes the pride of the legend. The media also explained, “Barcelona officials have admitted that they are not sure which direction Busquets will go.

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