In the final of the team event ‘Challenge Ground’ (hereafter referred to as Team Challenge) of the ‘World 3-Cushion Grand Prix 2023’ held at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in Wonju, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do on the 22nd, Tim Bromdahl defeated Timmux 120-74 to win the first championship trophy lifted up

On the 22nd, the world’s best 3-cushion billiards players shared rice cake soup together at the Hotel Interbulgowonju and held a team challenge final tournament. In the finals, Tim Bromdal, who was strong from the preliminaries, and Tim Mux, who came up with a stand-up electrode in the quarterfinals and semifinals, met. 헤라카지노

Team Mux, which had a reputation as a byword for reverse play, did not show off its strength in the final match, contrary to expectations. In the final, Team Bromdahl won the first championship cup of the Team Challenge with a large margin of 120-74.

The four honorable players of Team Bromdal are Wanyoung Choi, Tobjorn Bromdal, Wing Tran Thanh Tu, and Pedro Piedrabuena. It seems that the driving force behind the victory is that each person played their role properly in each game with excellent teamwork.

The team challenge was devised by Oh Seong-kyu, CEO of Five and Six, as a team game format first introduced at the World 3-Cushion Grand Prix 2023 in Hotel Inter-Burgo Wonju. In this game, a team of 4 people starts banking and playing at the same time with the opposing team 4-4 on 4 tables. The game is won when the total score of all four teams is 120 points.

From the first day, this game format creates a drama with a difference of 0.1 seconds, and it is becoming a hot topic among billiards fans and current players as another interesting game method.

Among the 48 players who directly participated in the game, favorable reviews broke out. In particular, Dick Japers, who is ranked No. 1 in the world, said, “When the 4-man Survival Masters match first appeared, Dutch billiards were excited and applied the game to the game. said.

The World 3-Cushion Grand Prix 2023 competition in Hotel Interburgo Wonju started on the 23rd in the individual competition.

In the individual and group pool league, 3 sets of 20 minutes are applied. The competition lasts until February 1, and you can directly watch the game by purchasing a ticket on the spot.

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