It is said to be ‘thick’ when a group of stones take a strong posture and are easy to counter on both sides of the attack and defense. It’s a technical term for baduk, but I don’t use ‘thick’. The opposite concept of thick is not ‘thin’ but ‘thin’토토사이트. It was impossible to calculate thickness and thinness as a house with human ability, but quantification has been made since the advent of artificial intelligence (AI).

128 is a light blow percussion. If you jump to ‘A’ with this number, you can escape with two dots of Baek △. If so, wouldn’t it be possible to revive △ and isolate and attack the long black hemp in the left center area? For reference, back 1 is that, and it looks like it will be up to 5, but the back is rather isolated by counterattacks from 6 or less to 10. It is the inevitable result of the thickness of black and the thinness of white.

130 is singular to check the reaction, and black locks the lockbox with 131 and 133 without even looking at it. It is a thick finishing technique conscious of dominance. If you follow ‘I’ with 133, you can catch two hundred points, but you get hit by 133 and hit the outside. White, whose downside was thin due to black’s consistent thick technique, started to stabilize itself with 134 and 140, and here again, black uses his thickness to hit 141 hard hits.

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