Pastor Jeon Kwang-hoon of Sarangjeil Church created a political party with the goal of next year’s general election. However, an unexpected person came to the opening ceremony of our company. He is the senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, a large church, and he even praised the party that Mr. Jeon Kwang-hoon created as a vanguard to break down the main sect토토사이트.

This is reporter Jeong Su-ah.


Mr. Jeon Kwang-hoon, who declared a breakup with the people’s strength, recently opened an office in Yeouido.

[Jeon Kwang-hoon/Pastor Sarangjeil Church: I want to ask, people’s power party officials. You can do 200 seats with your skills, can’t you? I can’t do it 100%, 100%.]

The person Mr. Jeon hugs warmly is Senior Pastor Lee Young-hoon of Yoido Full Gospel Church.

Soon after, Pastor Lee, who rose to the podium, praised the Freedom Unification Party created by Mr. Jeon.

[Lee Young-hoon / Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church: I am grateful that the Free Unification Party will be established with a mission to eradicate communism, especially in order to break down the main sect.] We continue to praise Mr. Jeon


[Lee Young-hoon / Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church: I have appointed Pastor as the vanguard, and I believe that God will protect and be with us so that God’s precious will can be fulfilled.] Extreme right-wing YouTubers advertised that Pastor Lee made a declaration of support, and in the religious world, there is a ‘heresy controversy

‘ Criticism came out that it was not appropriate to defend Mr. Jeon who owed ‘.

When the controversy arose, Pastor Lee claimed, “I went to the event without knowing what it was and was pushed to talk.”

“My position is to embrace both progressives and conservatives,” he explained.

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