The Busan National Police Agency held a personal information disclosure review committee this afternoon (1 January) and decided to release the face토토사이트, name, and age of the suspect in the Geumjeong murder case.

The suspect’s name is Jung Jeong-jeong, and her age is 23, born in 1999.

The Busan Police Agency explained the reason for the decision by saying, “The gravity and brutality of the crime was recognised, and it was judged that there was a great need for public interest, such as the preventive effect on similar crimes.”

This is the first time in about eight years that the Busan Police Agency has disclosed the identity of a suspect who stole a gun from a live-fire range in Busanjin-gu in October 2015.

Jung Yoo-jeong is suspected of killing the victim, A, a woman in her 20s, at her home at around 5:30 p.m. on the 26th of last month, dismembering her body parts and dumping her body in a field.

Jung made an appointment to meet A, whom she first saw on a tutoring brokerage app, by pretending to be a parent and asking her to send her child to him. She then went to A’s home wearing a school uniform.

The police are investigating with a heavy suspicion of premeditation, as she searched for “murder without a body” and “murder case” before the crime, and bought items to cover up the crime after the murder.

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