In a famous high school baseball team in Seoul, when it was revealed that the son of an incumbent professional baseball team and others inflicted “school violence” on a classmate for nearly a year, the school belatedly launched a fact-finding investigation (▶Related article: [Exclusive] “What if I die?” ” “You do it if you do it XX “… A prestigious baseball high school ‘Hakpok’ lasted for a year). However, it was confirmed that the parents of the victims had already informed the baseball team manager about their son’s victim of school violence half a year ago. The director took action, but perhaps because it was not sufficient, the perpetrator’s level of verbal and physical violence increased. It is pointed out that the school’s lukewarm response increased the damage.

Violence in a ‘public’ place… “No one stopped”

Summarizing the coverage of the Hankook Ilbo on the 19th, the mother of victim A (17) said to baseball manager C in November of last year, “It seems that (the son of a famous baseball player) B is harassing her son”, “The child is too much because of B. It’s hard토토사이트,” he said, announcing the damage. He sent an SOS (rescue signal) to the director when his child was in extreme pain from bullying by Group B that lasted for nearly half a year from May of that year . It was intended to resolve the issue amicably on the supervisory line, as it could become noisy if formally reported on abuse. At the time, Group B’s father was working as a professional baseball TV commentator. In response to her mother’s appeal, Mr. C promised to warn him, saying, “That child (B) is always like that.”

However, after meeting with the director, the situation worsened. The three perpetrators, including Group B, retaliated by saying, “Are you going to tell your mother again?” Bullying has also become bolder. The recorded files obtained by Dong-A Ilbo contain the circumstances in which the perpetrator students ① harassed Group A for a long period of time ② in a locker room with coaches and baseball team members, ② in a bus, ② without looking at anyone, and ③ for a long period of time. This is in contrast to cases of abusive behavior that usually take place in secret places where third parties do not frequent. This means that no one has stopped their violent acts. Group A’s mother asked back, “If the director, who is responsible for protecting members, hadn’t condoned the violence, how could (the perpetrators) have rampaged like that?”

Did the ‘famous baseball father’ premium work?

Some parents are also raising suspicions that Group B received ‘special treatment’ because his father is an influential figure in the baseball world. For example, in September of last year, a practice match between the high school and university baseball teams was held at a university playground in Seoul. Group B’s father also observed the game. However, according to multiple parents, during the game, manager C took B and went into the college dugout where his father was sitting, and came out 20 to 30 minutes later.

One parent argued, “At the time, I thought, ‘This shouldn’t be the case,’ so I was very angry.” Mr. C acknowledged, “There is a fact that Group B’s father came to see the game and said hello,” but when asked, “Did you call Group B separately and greet the college coach and father?”, he replied, “I don’t remember.” On the other hand, Group B’s father denied, saying, “It is true that I saw baseball at the college dugout that day, but my son’s coach did not come to say hello.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is currently sending a dedicated inspector to the school to investigate whether the response of the leaders, including the coach of the baseball team, was appropriate, apart from the truth about the school violence.

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