This professional basketball season ended with the victory of Anyang KGC, but a hotter free agent market has opened.

It is expected that big players such as ‘Champion MVP’ Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon will come out as free agents and change the perception of the new season depending on their course of action.

This is Reporter Kwak Joon-young.


This season’s professional basketball championship was taken by Anyang KGC, but another war broke out immediately.

It’s the ‘FA War’.

Among the players who were released as free agents, many of those who played an active part in the championship game, which is considered one of the best matches of all time, draw attention.

The biggest fish is ‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun토토사이트, who led the team to victory and even won the championship MVP title.

Likewise, Moon Seong-gon, who is the main player in winning KGC and is considered the best defender in the league, is also considered a great player in this market.

<Moon Seong-gon / Anyang KGC> “It’s not like I haven’t thought about transferring, but I still thought that a comfortable place would be more appropriate, and I was still thinking that it might be ruined because I still haven’t contacted (the club), but I hope they will contact you soon…”

Seoul The destination of SK forward Choi Jun-yong is also attracting attention.

He has not been able to play on the court since the end of the regular season due to an injury this year, but he has already proven his skills as an MVP last season.

Yang Hong-seok, forward of Suwon KT, is also a player to keep an eye on in this market.

After averaging 12.6 points in 53 games this season, he is open to new challenges.

<Yang Hong-seok / Suwon KT> “I have been training at KT for six years at the same place, so even if I lift the same barbell, I want to do it in a new environment, and even if I shoot the same shot, I want to do it in a new environment…” Guard of Daegu Gas

Corporation 47 players, including Lee Dae-sung, are expected to heat up the FA market by negotiating with 10 clubs until the 22nd.

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