The Korea Football Association, which caused controversy by suddenly pardoning 100 soccer players who were in disciplinary action for reasons such as involvement in match-fixing, eventually withdrew in full due to strong opposition.

On the 31st, the Korea Football Association held a temporary board of directors meeting at the Soccer Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and announced that it had completely canceled the disciplinary amnesty decided by the board of directors on the 28th.

Immediately after the board of directors, Chung Mong-gyu, head of the Korea Football Association, said, “I am very sorry for my shortcomings in the decision process. We will humbly accept criticism and use it as an opportunity to stand up again as a better organization.”

Previously, the Korea Football Association held a board meeting in the conference room of the Seoul World Cup Stadium ahead of the soccer team evaluation match between Korea and Uruguay on the 28th and decided to pardon 100 former and current players, coaches, and referees who were disciplined for various misconduct.

Among the 50 players who were expelled for participating in match-fixing in professional football in 2011, 48 players were included, excluding two players who were judged to be guilty by the Korea Football Association.

The association pardoned them, saying, “Congratulations on the achievements of advancing to the World Cup finals 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar, and reflecting the opinions of the front-line field who proposed an amnesty for harmony and a new start in the soccer world. It also has the purpose of giving footballers another chance,” he explained.

However, there was a strong headwind both inside and outside the soccer world for the sudden pardon without sufficient discussion on the grounds of ‘advancing to the World Cup round of 16’ for those who caused the match-fixing incident, which is still an indelible stigma in the football world.

After the announcement of the surprise announcement by the Korea Sports Association, the Korea Sports Council announced its position that “a pardon is impossible as there is no regulation to delete disciplinary records,” and the Korea Professional Football Federation, which is the ‘victim’ of match-fixing, also said, “We did not pardon. Currently, there is no pardon.” There is no plan.

Some sarcastic remarks were made about the fact that the Football Association announced an amnesty just an hour before the national team evaluation match against Uruguay, which is attracting public attention.

Starting with the soccer team supporters, the Red Devils, supporters from each team in the K-League scrambled to pour out statements of opposition, followed by a “one-person protest” by soccer fans in front of the soccer hall.

Public opinion was getting worse, with footballers, including those from the national team, joining the criticism of the association.

After the criticism did not subside even after a more detailed explanation of the amnesty was issued on the website on the night of the 29th토토사이트, the Football Association reopened the board of directors in three days for a reexamination, and eventually withdrew it altogether.

Chairman Chung said, “For more than 10 years, I have been receiving suggestions from some soccer players that they (the match-fixing participants) have sufficiently reflected on themselves and paid some amount of punishment, so now how about being lenient. I did not accept this suggestion, but Recently, I came to think that it is more important to advance the prevention system and to faithfully educate and educate the players in order to keep only the players in question for life.”

In addition, “at the time when Korean football started anew after the World Cup in Qatar, I considered it my duty as the head of Korean football to give those involved in match-fixing and those subject to disciplinary action an opportunity to escape from the yoke of past mistakes and serve Korean football once again.” said.

Chairman Chung bowed his head, saying, “But as a result, the judgment was not thoughtful.”

He said, “The match-fixing incident did not fully account for the tremendous shock and emotional wounds of footballers and fans. We also take the criticism that there was a lack of prior communication with the group seriously.”

Civic groups such as Sports Citizens’ Solidarity held a press conference in front of the soccer hall this morning and said, “This situation should not be settled only with the withdrawal of the amnesty.” I demand that he take responsibility and resign.”

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