What the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour put forward while shouting for globalization is ‘golf content expansion’.

“The strategy and purpose of globalization is to provide good content to fans and media,” said Lee Seung-ho, CEO of PGA Tour Asia Pacific. ”he said. At the same time, he emphasized, “We are not only focusing on opening the way for top golfers from around the world to enter the PGA Tour, but also developing and providing new and unique content.”

‘Full Swing’, a documentary format released by Netflix this year, has become a global hit content not only in the US and Korea. It captures the challenges, frustrations, and successes of PGA Tour players plainly, and the concept of players telling their own stories captivated not only golf fans around the world but also Netflix viewers. The media industry analyzes that Netflix users, who showed explosive growth during the corona pandemic (global pandemic), have reached saturation, but in Southeast Asian markets such as the Philippines and Vietnam, they are still showing remarkable growth.

In Malaysia and the Philippines, domestic golf tours are not active, and even though golf is not popular in some Asian countries, the streaming number of ‘Full Swing’ has increased significantly. It is also an event that verifies the charm of golf as a content, and an event that can gauge the global marketing strategy of the PGA Tour.

CEO Lee said, “We are filming Season 2온라인카지노 of ‘Full Swing’. The role of the PGA Tour is not only to revitalize the tour or open its doors to players from all over the world, but also to create an environment where golf can be approached in a friendly way to the general public.”

Popularization requires a constant flow of so-called ‘light users’. It is difficult to popularize it if only the fan base is thick. The fact that the PGA Tour disclosed its globalization strategy by holding an unusual media conference seems to be a self-rescue measure to maintain continuity in the rapidly changing world market. In Korea, when the border was closed due to the Corona 19 pandemic, the golf population exploded. However, many people in their 20s and 30s give up due to expensive usage fees and expensive equipment.

In order to dispel the perception that it is ‘their own sport’, the younger generation who enjoys golf must continue to flow in. There is no weapon as terrifying as public support, and only when a star they are passionate about is born can they boom up. In response to the point that there are no stars who can threaten or surpass Tiger Woods’ stronghold, the PGA Tour said, “We admit that Woods is a player with the same presence as Michael Jordan of American professional basketball, but we agree that there are no stars on the PGA Tour. He said, “I can’t do it,” but the appearance of a star who can penetrate the era is also an element that all events aspire to.

Anyway, it is noteworthy that the PGA Tour is promoting globalization with various contents. The Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, which aims to enter the world’s top 3 tours, and the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour, which is putting its life and death on solid foundation, must pay attention to developing content that will make them enthusiastic about golf and players. Rather than filming a documentary or raising broadcasting rights fees, developing a source source that can approach the public in an easy and friendly way should be prioritized. Considering the nature of golf, where a tournament cannot be held without a sponsor, there is no weapon as overwhelming as the public’s full support.

With the exception of professional baseball, which prides itself on being a ‘national sport’, and overseas players, it is also necessary to look into the progress of the PGA Tour in professional football, which has withered in popularity. If the perception of professional associations on sports does not change, popularization of sports is also far away.

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