Perfectionist Pep Guardiola coach!’

Rating from the BBC.

Manchester City have reached the European Champions League final. It’s been 2 years. It has risen to become one of the best clubs in the world.

Man City won 4-0 against Real Madrid in the second leg of the 2022-2023 European Champions League semi-finals at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time).

The British BBC said, ‘Pep Guardiola is a great perfectionist. Manchester City completely overpowered Real Madrid, but when Manchester City gave up the midfield initiative in the second half, he grabbed his head and knelt twice on the grass in the technical area to encourage the players.

“Man City beat Real Madrid 4-0. The only weakness of the game was that moment. Guardiola was vigilant and struggled at every moment,’ he said.

Manchester City meet Inter Milan in the Champions League final in Istanbul, Turkey in October. It’s a one-sided match.

The BBC said, ‘Man City are the overwhelming favorites. It is an opportunity to completely avenge the failure two years ago.”

Guardiola is 52 years old this year. He was a representative defensive midfielder representing Spain in the 1990s and early 2000s. He was a genius type player.

He was a player with excellent vision, sensuous passing, and the flow of reading the game.

Having played for FC Barcelona until 2002, he was the core of Spain’s powerful midfield.

At the time, Barcelona was a dream team, and the only starter and captain from Catalonia, Spain.

He retired in 2006. He had a brilliant playing career and had an ambitious start as a leader. After coaching for FC Barcelona B team for one year, he immediately took the baton of Barcelona and started to win and win.

In 2013, he took over as manager of Bayern Munich, and from 2016 he moved to Manchester City.

he was always the best He won the treble in his first season at Barcelona. The following season he won six crowns.

At the time, coach Pep Guardiola commanded the world stage by completing the so-called Tiki-Taka, an extremely powerful possession soccer centered on Lionel Messi.

Guardiola, who won 14 championships in four seasons, moved the team to Bayern Munich in 2013.

Bayern Munich’s thorough system matched Guardiola’s philosophy, and it showed excellent leadership again by recruiting Mario Gotze and Thiago Alcantara.

However, the time at Bayern Munich gave Guardiola a lot of trials. In the league, they achieved overwhelming results, but in the Champions League, the European competition, they drank a lot.

In 2016, leaving the regret behind, he moved the team to Manchester City. He led the league, FA Cup and League Cup championships in the 2018-2019 season. He has only achieved the treble in England.

However, he could not overcome the ‘Champions League depression’ that had been following him like a tag since his days at Bayern Munich.

Two years ago, manager Pep Guardiola again failed to lift the big air.

At that time, the final opponent was Chelsea. It was a more regrettable failure because there were many evaluations of Man City’s superiority in objective power.

In the league, they won the EPL three times in five seasons. It was overwhelming.

Director Pep Guardiola

Director Pep Guardiola

Soccer Football – Champions League – Semi Final – Second Leg – Manchester City v Real Madrid – Etihad Stadium, Manchester, Britain – May 17, 2023 Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola celebrates with Rodri after the match REUTERS/Molly

Darlington News, Unauthorized Reproduction – Redistribution prohibited>

Manchester City’s Spanish manager Pep Guardiola (L) and Manchester City’s Spanish midfielder Rodri applauds the fans following the UEFA Champions League second leg semi-final football match between Manchester City and Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, north west England, on May 17 , 2023. Manchester City won the match 4-0. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP)

Soccer Football – Champions League – Semi Final – Second Leg – Manchester City v Real Madrid – Etihad Stadium, Manchester, Britain – May 17, 2023 Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola celebrates with TV pundit Rio Ferdinand after the match REUTERS/Molly Darlington <Copyright

( c) Yonhap News, Unauthorized reproduction-redistribution prohibited>

Manager Pep Guardiola.

Director Pep Guardiola

However, the Champions League was a problem.

In particular, it was a problem to try unconventional tactics in the final. He was not used to being a starting member.

Raheem Sterling started, Rodri and Fernandinho off the bench. He entrusted the defensive role to Il Kai Gwyn Doan.

In the final, he should have come out with the most familiar and powerful lineup, but it was evaluated that he did not.

In the end, after conceding a surprise opening goal to Chelsea, they failed to equalize and lost.

Last season, he was caught by Real Madrid. This time, there was a power weakness. There was no clear striker, and in the end, they couldn’t beat Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

They won 4-3 in the first game, but suffered the most dramatic come-from-behind defeat in their history in the second game away.

In the end, winning the Champions토토사이트 League was frustrated again this time.

opportunity came again.

Pep Guardiola is one of the greatest managers in history. Compared to Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho, who led Manchester United, he is not inferior in career and tactical ability.

However, there is the biggest Achilles heel.

Champions League slump In this, the so-called manager Pep Guardiola is also combined with the ‘master soldier’.

On a big stage, in a big match, players must use the starting members and tactics that are most familiar and can most intimidate the opponent.

However, it uses an unknown and irregular tactic only for the Champions League tournament.

Manchester City is the richest club in the EPL. Newcastle, which was acquired by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, is the richest club at the moment, but Manchester City has maintained the strongest squad with the most active investment.

However, since taking office in 2016, he has not reached the Champions League final for four seasons. There was a lot of criticism that it was because of manager Pep Guardiola’s incomprehensible irregular tactics.

I reached the Champions League final in 2021, and the opportunity to wash away this disgrace has come. However, it also failed two years ago.

Guardiola’s first defeat in the Champions League final.

In the end, he won the Champions League twice (2009 and 2011) during his time at Barcelona, ​​but has not won the Champions League trophy for 12 years since then. Of course, in the case of a mediocre command tower, there are many cases where they do not win the Champions League even once. However, it is a homework that Pep Guardiola must solve in order to become one of the world’s best masters of all time.

The Champions League will be held on June 11 at 4:00 am in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a one-on-one match between Manchester City and Inter Milan.

Clearly, Manchester City are strong contenders and Inter Milan are the underdogs. However, Inter Milan has a well-balanced offense and defense based on solid defense unique to Italian football.

I am interested in what tactics Pep Guardiola will come up with. I wonder if he will come out with the same unique tactics as he did two years ago, or if he will be able to press Inter Milan with Man City’s classic system that he showed all season.

Here, I wonder if he can break Pep Guardiola’s only Achilles heel through this opportunity.

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