When a passenger in his twenties suddenly tried to open the door on a Jeju Air flight heading to Incheon on the 19th, the cabin turned into chaos in an instant.

It was suppressed by the quick response of the crew and passengers around it, and it did not lead to a major accident.

According to Jeju Air officials and passengers, the accident occurred about an hour after the plane took off from Cebu Airport in the Philippines at 1:49 am (local time). It was early morning, when most of the passengers were sleeping.

This flight (Flight 7C2406) had 183 passengers on board.

An official from Jeju Air said, “An hour after takeoff, we confirmed the anxious behavior of the passenger sitting in the seat near the door.”

Accordingly, the flight attendant determined that it could be dangerous and moved the passenger to a front seat (seat 1C) away from the door and carefully observed it.

However, this passenger got up from his seat and approached the ‘R1 door’ on the right side of the aircraft, and repeated several attempts to open the door. In the end, the flight attendant tried to subdue it, and four other male passengers also stood up to help.

The passenger was then restrained and detained in the 1C seat. After landing, Jeju Air immediately handed over the passenger to the Incheon Airport Police Department.

Some of the passengers who boarded this aircraft told the online community and the Naver Travel Cafe about their dizzying moment.

Passenger A, nicknamed ‘Dun***’, said, “I woke up from a nap and saw the flight attendants and a young man standing in the front seat. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but soon I heard the screams of the flight attendant in a hurry, and the strong and cool people subdued the young man.” He told the situation at the time when he was tense.

Also, about an hour after the situation was over토토사이트, a cry of “Please save me” was heard from a seat in the middle of the plane. Another passenger collapsed and screamed, and it was said that he calmed down after the doctor on board examined him.

Passenger A said, “I heard a story saying, ‘(The door almost opened) I was so shocked that I felt like I was in shock.”

Passenger B, who uses the nickname ‘Bull***’, said, “The male passenger was making a fuss about opening the plane door, but he seemed insane.”

Mr. B said, “After that, the man sitting in the middle collapsed,” and “I wondered if it was possible for so many things to happen on one plane, but I remembered the expression of the person who was still trying to open the door, and I was afraid that it would come out in a dream.”

Passenger C, nicknamed ‘Be***’, said, “I was sleeping and woke up to people making noise, but the flight attendants and passengers tied the man and dragged him to the front.” There was an in-flight announcement saying, “Don’t do it, rest.”

Passengers at the scene expressed their gratitude in one voice, saying that no major accident occurred due to the quick restraints of the crew and nearby passengers.

Mr. A said, “The crew and passengers were all so cool,” and “Jeju Air said they would compensate them separately.” Mr. B said, “I was really sorry that the crew worked hard to the end even in difficult situations,” and Mr. C said, “The crew had a really hard time. They responded calmly and well.”

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