Ring Central Coliseum, home of the Oakland Athletics, one of the most underdeveloped stadiums in the major leagues, happened to confirm the reality안전놀이터.

New York Mets broadcasters Ron Darling and Gary Cohen, who are playing an away game with Oakland, explained what happened during the match on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time) during the Auckland expedition.

According to this, they are relaying in a booth temporarily installed in a different place than the relay booth originally used by the away team.

Darling explained the situation by saying, “When I came here, I tried to enter the original booth, but people almost grabbed me and put me in this booth.”

Cohen went into more detail. “Angels commentators who came here for the last opener told us that an opossum appeared during the broadcast,” he said of what happened from the away team’s box.

Opened in 1966, it has been rumored since last year that rats live in the middle of the field. This time, the mouse revealed its presence.

The Athletics team tried to solve this problem by setting up mouse traps in their own way, but it was not easy to solve.

While the Auckland team was away, this mouse came and went in and out of the away team’s box as if it were its own home. And it happened when the Mets technical team came here to prepare for the match.

“When the technical team came here, they had to face the stench left by the rats at work,” Cohen said. The stench was so bad that we eventually had to move the relay booth here.”

According to him, the temporary booth moved by the Mets is not in a good location so that the field of vision is obscured by the foul pole.

When Darling heard Cohen’s complaint about this, he responded by saying, “If I had to choose between a rat and a foul pole, I’d take the pole.”

Oakland remains at the bottom of the American League West division with 3 wins and 11 losses ahead of the game on the 16th. It attracted 79,674 spectators in its seven home games, ranking last among the 15 teams in the American League.

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