direction Lionel Messi (35, Paris Saint-Germain), which was more splendid than anyone else,’s ‘Last Dance’ is now leading to the problem of future direction. The time has come for him to decide the contract issue on which his future depends.

In an interview with French radio station ‘RMC Sport’ on the 20th, Paris Saint-Germain president Al Nasser Kelaifi said, “Since the World Cup is over, we are going to discuss future plans with Messi.”

Paris Saint-Germain is in a hurry to meet Messi because his contract with him expires in May next year. Paris Saint-Germain signed a two-year contract with Messi, who left Barcelona, ​​Spain last summer, and the moment the contract ends is approaching.

Messi can immediately find a new nest according to the Bosman rule, which allows him to sign a pre-contract with another club without a transfer fee in January next year.

Paris Saint-Germain are in a position that they cannot give Messi to another team. “We want to catch both Messi and Kylian Mbappe,” said President Kelaifi. “One is the best player in the World Cup, and the other is the player with the most goals (8 goals) in the World Cup.”

But Paris Saint-Germain is not alone in wanting Messi. Messi’s annual salary is 75 million euros (about 103.5 billion won), which is equivalent to the transfer fee of a top-class player, so it will not be easy to transfer, but teams that want him are appearing one by one.

Spanish daily ‘Marca’ reported that Messi could consider two options if he did not stay at Paris Saint-Germain.

The most likely thing is, of course, to return to Barcelona, ​​​​the home team. Barcelona president Juan Laporta promised Messi’s stay during last year’s election, but failed. President Laporta, who received strong criticism, is determined to wear the Barcelona uniform again next summer when Messi’s contract expires.

Even from Messi’s point of view, returning to Barcelona, ​​which was the starting point, is not a bad choice if he performs a last dance on the club stage. It is reported that Messi still has not disposed of his Barcelona home. 스포츠토토

Another option is Inter Miami, an American professional soccer (MLS) team co-owned by David Beckham, a famous soccer star from England. Inter Miami is a new team that joined MLS in 2020, but Messi’s friend Gonzalo Higuain is playing and has shown great interest in signing Messi since before the World Cup. If Messi joins, Inter Miami can instantly become the most popular team in MLS. The possibility of Messi going to the new continent cannot be ignored in that Inter Miami is also promoting the recruitment of Luis Suarez, another friend of Messi.

Messi returned to Argentina in gold with the World Cup trophy. Messi, who is returning to France after holding a championship event in his home country, will return to the ground against Strasbourg on the 29th. It seems that Messi’s future concerns will also begin in earnest.

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