“We will definitely win next year.”

Jihoon Kang (202cm, C), a freshman at Yonsei University, completed his first season on the college stage with the game against Korea University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball League final held at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 14th. His remarkable growth energized Yonsei University throughout the season, but it ended up finishing in second place.

After graduating from Samil Commercial High School, he went to rival Yonsei University ahead of this season rather than his father, former coach Kang Eul-jun’s alma mater, Korea University. It was a decision that exceeded many expectations.

Kang Ji-hoon’s college league records this season are an average of 7.92 points, 8.42 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks in 12 games. He was not heavily considered in the early stages of the league, but as the season progressed, he adapted to the college stage and proved his worth. Kang Ji-hoon’s height was a great help to Yonsei University, as he ranked tied for second in the league in blocked shots and sixth overall in rebounds.

At MBC Ship, his influence grew even greater. Despite Yoo Ki-sang being selected to represent the U and a string of injuries to key players, he struggled alone and ranked first in scoring on the team, and received favorable reviews from scouts for his vigorous activity and powerful height fight.

Kang Ji-hoon also fought hard in the game on this day, scoring 11 points and 8 rebounds against Yang Jun, Park Jun-hyung, and Yoo Min-soo. He performed like an alto-ran on offense by scoring mid-range jumpers and putbacks, and used his height to harass his opponents. Yonsei University, thanks to Ji-Hoon Kang’s performance, seemed to be on the verge of victory by widening the scoring gap to double digits at one point in the third quarter, but they allowed the final three points to Yoo-Hyun Moon just before the end and ended up in runner-up.스포츠토토

Even though the season ended with better-than-expected results, Kang Ji-hoon burst into tears of regret in the corner of the bench after the game ended. Because he wore a blue uniform and met rival Korea University four times and bowed his head in all of them. In particular, his close defeat in the last regular game and the college league finals came as a deeper regret to him.

Although he did not achieve his goal of taking Korea University to the top this season, his performance this season was enough to raise expectations for next season. Kang Ji-hoon wiped away his tears and left the gym, adding a few words.

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