The factory stopped in the middle of the day. 14-year-old Shin Myeong-seok (pseudonym , 50 ) was the first in his life.

When I went to school, the roar of the cutting machine, the smell of oil, and the staff were all gone. Leaving the tomb-like quiet factory behind, Myeong-seok went up to the second floor. He didn’t see the driver, the housekeeper, or even his parents. Instead, only a double-door refrigerator, a Sony TV, an astronomical telescope, and a mother-of-pearl chest of drawers were left with red seizure tickets to greet Myeong-seok.

“Myeongseok-ah, bring only the textbooks for homework and come out quickly!”

He arrived at the cramped room led by his cousin who entered with an urgent cry. Myung-seok’s beautiful days, when the only imaginable ordeal was his summer vacation homework, came to an end.

◆The ordeal that came to the genius only son of a wealthy family… Living alone in a warehouse next to a stationery toilet, Myeong-seok, a genius with an IQ

of 154, has loved machines since he was a child. The washing machine factory run by his parents was the best playground. Disassembling and reassembling machines such as facsimiles and typewriters was the most fun in the world.

The only son of a rich family who was born with an excellent brain. Myung-seok’s life, which only knew that it would be solid, went downhill when his parents’ factory closed down due to repeated operational difficulties when he was in the first year of middle school. After bankruptcy, my parents wandered around the country to avoid debtors. Left alone, Myeong-seok had to live in a storage room next to the stationery toilet in front of the school. Mr. Myeong-seok became a loner overnight in a rich family. He had to survive on the meager amount his father paid for two or three nights a month. Starving was a daily routine. At lunchtime, while the other children were eating their lunches, Myung-seok was hanging on the iron bar by himself. He even ate bread on credit at a stationery store, but when his credit went over 10,000 won, even that became difficult for him.

It was around the end of the second semester of his sophomore year when his parents returned. After resolving the debt to some extent, her parents returned home and opened a Chinese restaurant with money from her mother’s family. I wondered if spring was finally coming, but winter was longer than I thought. His father fell while working in the kitchen and severely injured his thigh. While he underwent seven major surgeries, his father had to lie in bed all day in a full body cast from neck to ankle. From this time on, his mother ran a restaurant alone and was responsible for his family’s livelihood by taking on various side jobs while his father was sick at home. Myeong-seok, who became a high school student, also helped his mother with tasks such as peeling chestnuts and inserting wires into electric blankets.

After graduating from a commercial high school, Myeong-seok worked in computer programming before entering a computer science department at a local college at the age of 23. Genius was still there. He was recognized by his professors for his ability to the extent that he was in charge of managing the school computer network as a student, and went to Australia to study at the dean’s recommendation to become a professor. While he was studying abroad, he briefly returned to Korea to graduate from a junior college, and the IMF financial crisis broke out. Around that time, his mother’s restaurant also became too difficult, so Myeong-seok eventually gave up studying abroad and got a job as a petition police officer at a bank branch through the introduction of his relative.

There he met his wife, who is 5 years younger than him. My wife, who was a bank employee, asked Myeong-seok, who is good at English, to teach me English. The two became friends through this and got married in April 2000. After about two months of marriage, her wife became pregnant. She said she was 4 months pregnant. The timing was wrong. After her interrogation, she found out that her wife had a child with a married boss at the same bank. She said, “The front line laughed together and prepared for the wedding, and the back line was doing that.” The blood seemed to flow backwards.

◆I’m trying to live well now, but thyroid cancer came unexpectedly… Mother has lung and colon cancer

After the divorce, Myeong-seok focused only on work. He has been running several businesses, and the vehicle driving recorder sales agency that started in 2009 was quite good. He knew there would be no more trials. In February 2015, Myeong-seok suddenly collapsed and was taken to the emergency room while wondering why he kept losing weight for no reason. He had thyroid cancer. Cancer tissue was found behind the esophagus, trachea, and next to the throat. He first removed the cancer tissue near the esophagus through a major operation that lasted 14 hours, but to date, the cancer tissue at the back of the airway and next to the throat could not be removed, so he is receiving observational treatment while taking hormone pills. He also underwent surgery at a hospital in Seoul due to spinal stenosis. As his back collapsed, he also had a problem with his neck, and recently the herniated disc in his neck got worse.

She was rather fortunate if only she was sick. Myeong-seok’s mother said she fell on her way to the 2020 National Assembly elections and injured her ribs. She went to the hospital and had a CTWhen I took the picture, the unexpected result was lung cancer. At the age of 80, the body is too weak, so the operation could be more dangerous, the doctor said. So, I gave up on the surgery and was only getting a follow-up test, but in May of last year, colon cancer also hit me. He underwent surgery to remove most of his large intestine at a local university hospital and is currently undergoing follow-up treatment. Since her surgery, her mother, who has lost 37 kg in weight and has been in a nursing hospital since last February, has suffered a general weakness. Her father, who has reached the age of 81 this year, also suffered a fall accident on an icy road in 2018, and used a wheelchair until 2021. Now he can barely walk with a cane.

He was also in a situation where he had to focus on thyroid cancer treatment and back surgery, but he couldn’t. If you undergo back surgery토토사이트, you will have to spend at least a year in the hospital until you are rehabilitated, and then you will not be able to take care of your ailing parents.

In fact, lack of money is the biggest problem. The money he earned from his business was spent on thyroid cancer and spinal stenosis. Currently, the government subsidy of 1.33 million won, including 480,000 won in old-age pension, 270,000 won in basic living expenses, and 580,000 won in pension funds for Mr. Even though she saves money by eating only one meal of 5,500 won stew sold at a snack bar a day, she has not been able to pay her mother’s hospitalization bill for three months. If she doesn’t pay her overdue hospital bills by the end of this month, she will be kicked out of the hospital. Myeong-seok, driven into a corner, is looking for a cheaper house to cover his hospitalization expenses with a deposit of 3.5 million won for the rental house he currently lives in, but it is not easy.

Myeong-seok visits his mother’s hospital with ointment and snacks. Even though he was starving himself, he spared no money for various non-salary nutritional supplements and appetite stimulants for his mother. Even so, she looked thinner than her mother had a week ago. Her mother’s arms, as she rolled up her sleeves, looked like bare winter trees. As she silently caressed her mother’s arm, her son managed to hold back tears.

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After divorcing my gaming addicted husband, I went to and from single-mother and child shelters and rented rooms. 21.11 million won delivered to Mi-so Yoon, who

raises her daughter who is suffering from game addiction. After divorcing her husband, who is addicted to gaming, Mi-so Yoon (Maeil Newspaper, May 23, p. 10), who is raising a daughter suffering from temporomandibular joint disease, moving from mother to child shelter and monthly rental room. We delivered 21,111,598 won.

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