Murray is about to face his idol토토사이트.

Sacramento Kings forward Keegan Murray had an interview with NBC Sports California on the 15th (Korean time). Murray brought up the story of Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors at this spot.

Sacramento selected Keegan Murray 4th overall in the 2022 NBA Draft. Originally, Jayden Ivy, who was called the biggest guard fish, was the most likely 4th place. However, Sacramento unexpectedly named Big Wing Murray.

Murray, a graduate of the University of Iowa, is an offensive and defensive prosperous prospect. Equipped with a solid physical condition, he showed his presence from the summer league and proved his worth.

Murray’s momentum continued into the regular season. Despite his ups and downs, he started 78 of 80 games and averaged 12.2 points and 4.6 rebounds. Thanks to Murray’s respectable performance, Sacramento secured the third seed in the Western Conference.

Sacramento’s first round opponent is the defending champion and sixth seed Golden State Warriors. Murray was waiting for Golden State. Because there was Thompson, who was also his idol.

Murray said, “I studied Klay Thompson’s play during the draft preparation period, because he and I have similar physical conditions. Through it, I figured out how to create an open situation. Thanks to that, I think I did well for a year.” told

Encouraged by Thompson, Murray attempted an average of 6.3 3-pointers this season and made 2.6. A record equivalent to 41.1% of 3-point shooting percentage. But to Murray, Thompson is no longer an idol but an enemy. Murray knew exactly that.

“Thompson is definitely one of the best players to create space,” said Murray, confidently. revealed

Will Murray be able to smile in the face-to-face confrontation with the veteran of veterans Thompson with the spirit of a rookie? The first match between the two teams will be held on the 16th.

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