As the team league holds three games in the third round, there are teams with consecutive wins and teams with consecutive losses, and the battle for rankings is intensifying. NH Nonghyup Card, the winner of the first round, is still going strong with 3 consecutive wins, while SY has fallen into a swamp of 3 consecutive losses. In addition, SK Rent-a-Car Direct recorded its first win in the third round, starting a competition for rankings.

SK Rent-a-Car Direct won against Huons Legend with a set score of 4:3 on the 3rd day of the 23/24 season Welcome Savings Bank Team League 3R held at ‘KINTEX PBA Stadium’ in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do on the 16th.

The match between SK Rent-a-Car University and Huons was a battle of forwards and defenses thanks to the even performance of the team members. The score was tied 2:2 through the fourth set. In the 5th set, the defense defeated Choi Seong-won 11:5 in 5 innings, but in the next set, Hida Orie lost to Kim Se-yeon 5:9 (9 innings), resulting in another tie (3:3).

The last set is Geon-Hwi Jo (SK Rent-a-Car) versus Bong-Cheol Kim (Huons). Geonhwi Cho won an easy victory of 11:3 (6 innings), including 5 high runs, giving the team its first win in the 3rd round (2 points).

Welcome Savings Bank first lost 3 sets to SY and then won 4 sets to achieve a huge victory. Welcome lost 1st to 3rd sets in succession. However, in the 4th set (mixed doubles), Seo Hyun-min and Choi Hye-mi won over Hwang Deuk-hee and Lee Woo-kyung with a ‘love game’ (9:0), sparking the pursuit. In the 5th set (men’s individual), Lee Sang-dae defeated Park In-soo 11:1, and in the 6th set (women’s individual), Kim Ye-eun defeated Han Ji-eun 9:4, tying the set score at 3:3.바카라

Kim Im-kwon, the last runner of Welcome, completed the comeback by defeating SY Lee Young-hoon 11:2 (6 innings) in the 7th set.

First-round winner NH Nonghyup Card and second-round winner Blue One defeated High1 Resort and Hana Card, respectively, with a set score of 4:1. With this win, NH Nonghyup Card has 3 consecutive wins, and Blue One has 2 wins and 1 loss.

In the NH Nonghyup Card, ‘captain’ Jo Jae-ho led the way with two wins, and for Blue One, Kang Min-gu played an active part with two wins. 

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