Professor Wi Jeong-hyun, who served as the head of the Game Special Team for the Presidential Election Camp “All members of the National Assembly need to investigate coin holdings”

Wi Jeong-hyun (59), a professor of business administration at Chung-Ang University and the head of the Korea Game Society, who served as the head of the game/metabus special team at the camp of Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party during the presidential election last year It is said that he had a strange experience at the camp at the time. Even though experts in the special task force worried that P2E ( Play to Earn ) would lead to gambling, candidate Lee appeared on a YouTube channel and said, “I don’t think there is a need to view P2E as a global trend,” or “It is an industry that is already active overseas. If it is banned unconditionally, it is like engaging in a policy of seclusion.” Professor Wi said, “I now suspect that Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who was the chief executive officer of Candidate Lee, had an influence on the message of P2E legalization.” On May 15, I met with Professor Wi and asked him about the suspicion of coin trading surrounding Rep. Kim.

Wi Jeong-hyeon, a professor of business administration at Chung-Ang University, who serves as the president of the Korea Game Society. [Reporter Jo Young-cheol]
“I told the camp about P2E concerns and they said, ‘Oh, is that so?’”
At the time of the presidential election, candidate Lee Jae-myung’s P2E- related messages were not coordinated by the special committee.

“There was no pre-arrangement at all. I was surprised to hear Candidate Lee’s remarks for the first time through the YouTube channel. That is why I have reasonable doubts about the background. I wonder if Rep. Kim, who was then the head of Candidate Lee’s executive office, might have contributed to such a message coming out by connecting with some game companies that wanted P2E legalization.” Some argue that

P2E is an innovation in the game industry. As a presidential candidate, can’t you refer to various opinions?

“ P2E legalists are dazzling the public by combining advanced technologies such as blockchain and non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ). Why is it a problem to incorporate cutting-edge technology into games? The problem is the attempt to make the game virtually gambling. Even now, there is game money that can be used only in the game space. Currently, cashing in game money is illegal in Korea. The problem is that some domestic users exchange game money into coins and then into cash through overseas accounts. I think that game companies are immersed in issuing virtual assets for the purpose of monetizing game money. It is a structure similar to that in the past, when you score points on the gambling game ‘Sea Story’, which became a big social problem, you can exchange them for gift certificates and cash them again at the exchange office. When it becomes possible to convert game money → coin → cash, game companies that issue coins have no choice but to reap huge profits.”

Didn’t you protest at camp?

“I didn’t talk to Candidate Lee directly, but I expressed my concerns through various routes. I cannot mention the real names, but it is through incumbent lawmakers, party members, and groups close to candidates. Some people were surprised that P2E legalization is such an important issue. To put it in a word, ‘Oh, is that so?’ It was kind of a reaction. Afterwards, the National Assembly held a policy discussion by the special committee to add a stance against P2E토토사이트 , but it was not possible.”

The power of the people Rep. Ha Tae-kyung said through social network service ( SNS ) that “forces aiming for P2E legalization have also approached Yoon Seok-yeol’s camp.”

“She appears to be betting on both the strength of the people and the Democratic Party in some parts of the gaming industry,” she said. On October 31 of last year, during a parliamentary inspection of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee (Culture Committee), lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties strongly insisted on the need to ease P2E regulations to the chairman of the Game Management Committee . This year, the Regulatory Innovation Group under the Office of Government Policy Coordination ordered a research service to investigate the problems of P2E games using NFTs and the ripple effects of preemptive tasks. Regarding this, there were concerns that some might be paving the way for P2E legalization.”

“Rep. Kim, you need to reveal the coin source”
Through media interviews, Rep. Kim said, “I reflect on the coin transaction during the standing committee of the National Assembly.” He completely denied the allegations surrounding the possibility of lobbying. Regarding this, Professor Wie pointed out, “Rep. Kim makes his words very complicated, but the key is to answer the question, ‘Did you receive coins from game companies, and if so, when and how much?’” His explanation follows.

“We also need to look at whether there were any problems in the entire process of listing the coins that Rep. Kim had. For example, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the recently controversial ‘airdrop’ (free coin payment), but also to coins released in the form of a ‘private sale’ before listing. A private sale is to sell a coin at a low price by designating a specific person, like a designated stock sale. You can expect huge profits after listing. As much as airdrops that are close to free payments, there is a high possibility of being abused by coin-mediated lobbying.”

What measures are needed to clarify the suspicion of Congressman Kim’s coin?

“It is necessary to check whether some game companies gave Congressman Kim coins free of charge or at a low price for illicit purposes. Furthermore, regardless of the ruling and opposition parties, all members of the National Assembly and their aides must be investigated whether they own coins. Ultimately, through the prosecution’s investigation, it is necessary to clarify whether not only Rep. Kim, but also the suspected game companies are involved.”

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