Shin Jae-kyung (28, Pyeongtaek City Hall) ranked 7th in the women’s 49kg class at the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Shin Jae-kyung participated in the women’s 49kg class B group match held at the Jinju Gymnasium on the 5th, and she lifted 81kg of snatch토토사이트, 103kg of jerk, and 184kg in total.

In the women’s 49kg class, in which all 18 players from Groups A and B competed, Zhang Huihua (25) defeated Hou Zhihui (26, China) and won the championship.

Zhang Huihua, who won three world championships in Houston, USA in 2015, Pattaya in Thailand in 2019, and Bogota in Colombia in 2022, lifted 94kg, 113kg, and 207kg in total on this day, totaling 204kg (93kg, 111kg in jerk). ), defeating the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Fawzhui by 3 kg.

The first gold medal in the tournament was won by Siribimon Pra Mongkol (28, Thailand).

Pra Mongkol won the women’s 45kg class with a snatch of 77kg and a jerk of 100kg with a total weight of 177kg.

The second place in this weight class was Rose Jean Ramos (17, Philippines) with a total of 161 kg, lifting 73 kg and jerking 88 kg.

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