The San Diego Padres didn’t want to miss the moment when the Los Angeles Dodgers stopped spending. 온라인카지노 With the return of Fernando Tatis Jr. and the addition of Xander Bogarts, it was evaluated that the major league batting line was completed at the highest level. However, the forecast of various forecasting systems based on statistics is still the ‘strongest Dodgers’.

On the 18th (Korean time), summarized the predicted rankings for 2023 based on the major league prediction systems ZiPS (Dan Zimboski) and PECOTA (Baseball Prospectus). San Diego was rated tied for first (ZiPS) and second in the district (PECOTA) in the two forecasting systems, respectively. It means that if you look only at the expectations, you can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Dodgers, but you cannot surpass them.

PECOTA predicted that the Dodgers would lead the National League West with a record of 96-66. San Diego was ranked second in the district with 93 wins and 69 losses, and was considered the first team in the National League wild card competition. ZiPS projected that the Dodgers and San Diego would go 91-71 together. San Francisco is third with 88 wins and 74 losses.

Jimboski, who invented ZiPS, told on the 11th, “I was surprised by the results. But there are also downsides. San Diego’s designated hitter is a weakness, and the quality of their rotation is declining. Same with the Dodgers.”

Interesting predictions from the Western Division also exist in the American League. It has been predicted that the Angels, thirsty for fall baseball despite having Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, are in a position to compete in the postseason this year.

PECOTA projected that the Angels would finish second in the American League West with a record of 86-76, behind the Houston Astros. ZiPS is 85-77 and sees the Angels and Seattle Mariners posting the same win rate. Neither prediction system put the Angels in postseason stability. But it’s not far either. explained, “The Angels filled their roster with players who were certain to be strong throughout the offseason. Both ZiPS and PECOTA see the Angels as a good opportunity to break the cycle of infamy this year.”

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