Lee Dae-ho left the center of the Lotte Giants batting line. 메이저사이트 Expectations were given that he would show his long hitting power and solver ability at the same time throughout the entire season. The 4x increase in salary proves this.

Lotte Giants Rex came to Korea as a substitute foreign player for Peters in the second half of last year. His annual salary was only $310,000 (about 400 million won).

After the season, he was quickly re-signed. The condition is 1.3 million dollars (approximately 1.7 billion won). He jumped 4 times. In particular, it is higher than Barnes ($1.25 million), who played a full season, and Strayley ($1 million), who celebrated his 4th year. During his 56 games, he had a batting average of 3.3, 8 home runs, 34 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.905.

Regarding the reason why he chose to return to Korea instead of a love call from the major leagues, Rex smiled, saying, “Lotte’s vision is great. I decided to play here because I thought I could win.” Regarding the rigorous training that took place throughout the camp in Guam, he replied, “It’s hard, but we’re overcoming it somehow because it’s training together.”

Even in his retirement season, Lee Dae-ho, who recorded 23 home run OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.881, is no longer there. Rex asserted, “He was a great hitter and mentor. He taught many juniors as well as me. He is an irreplaceable player.”

However, he added, “Everyone has to work together to fill that position. Lotte is a really family-like team. We are having a lot of conversations with fellow batters.”

Rex’s position in the new season is likely to be left fielder. Another corner outfield is Koh Seung-min, and Hwang Seong-bin and Ahn Kwon-soo are expected to play center fielders. As for the other lineup, free agents Noh Jin-hyeok and Yoo Gang-nam joined, and the structure improved, and the strengthening of the center line is even more impressive. Han Hyun-hee was also reinforced for one starting pitcher position.

Rex emphasized, “In order to achieve good results this year, young players need to develop further. In that sense, it is a highly anticipated season. If you ask me for help, I will do my best to help.”

“I think Lotte is a team that deserves to win this year. If everyone does their 100% every day, I am sure that it will be a good result. I just do my best every day as much as I can. “

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