“I’ll show you a good example.”

Outside hitter Song Hee-chae (31) has returned to her parents’ house. OK Financial Group gave up Song Myeong-geun and brought Song Hee-chae through a one-on-one trade with Woori Card at the end of May.

Song Hee-chae made her professional debut in the 2013 rookie draft by being nominated for Rush and Cash (currently OK Financial Group) with the third pick in the first round. Since then, Song Hee-chae has been a key member of the team, and she has added strength to two championship victories.

And after the 2017-18 season, Song Hee-chae obtained the first free agency qualification and transferred to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Then, right before enlisting in the military, he was traded to Woori Card. Song Hee-chae, who played for two seasons at Woori Card, returned to her parents’ home after experiencing two trades and one FA transfer.

Song Hee-chae has played in 281 professional matches so far, scoring 2279 points, an attack success rate of 49.18%, and a receiving efficiency of 51.654%. He is considered a player who can solve the chronic problem of OK Financial Group, which is somewhat unstable in receiving.

Ogino Massage OK Financial Group director also commented on Song Hee-chae, saying, “Song Hee-chae has seen a lot of videos. He is a player in the same position as me. He came and talked a lot. He is especially looking forward to receiving. He expects an aggressive part too. He is expecting a lot, so I hope he leads the team well.”

Song Hee-chae, whom we met on the 12th at the OK Financial Group practice gym located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, said, “It has been a long time since I came back. He came to a familiar place. I am grateful that the director said he needed me. He said토토사이트, “He is playing volleyball with fun these days.”

Last year in 2018, he returned after 5 years away from the team. A lot has changed in his 5 years. The location of club facilities such as lodgings and restaurants has changed.

The trade partner is Song Myeong-geun, a close friend who made a name for himself as one of the top 3 players in Gyeonggi University. The two players were talking about playing on the same team again one day, but in the upcoming season, they will face off with a net between them.

Song Hee-chae said, “I’m familiar with the trade, but maybe it’s awkward because it’s my first time with Myeong-geun. Still, I think it is a trade that can be a good opportunity for each other.” I think it’s right to support each other while preparing well for the season.”

How about playing volleyball with coach Ogino? As coach Ogino, who played the outside heater position during her active career, she has a lot to learn from Song Hee-chae, who plays the same position.

He said, “The coach is expecting the defensive part. I think the role is similar to before, but the number of attempts at various attacks, such as center back attack, will increase more than before.” .

Song Hee-chae has many roles to play at OK Financial Group. She has come to an age where, as a senior, she has to give advice to her juniors, as well as being centered on the court.

She also said, “Since she belongs to the senior axis, she tries to show an exemplary appearance. She also informs players in the same position so that they can see and learn, and she tries to share my experience,” he said.

He also said, “Everything used to be next to the gym, but now everything has changed. Every time I go, I definitely feel like I’m in a new place.”

“I know what role I have to play in this team. Also, Leo is a good foreigner. I am also looking forward to working out with Leo. Thinking of wearing an OK uniform and saying hello during the KOVO Cup, I’m already looking forward to it,” he laughed.

Finally, “OK Financial Group is a team that is familiar but feels different. You seem to know something well, but a lot of it is a new and changed team. I want to compare it to a food that is familiar but has a new taste. I have a lot of roles to play in this team, so I will do my best.”

Song Hee-chae plans to wear the number 14 that was previously worn by this team and will be on the coat for the upcoming season.

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