Kia Tigers manager Kim Jong-kook was sent off again for protesting a video review.

Kim strongly protested a call for a three-peat violation in the final inning of the first half against the Samsung Lions at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on March 13.

The incident occurred in the top of the third inning, when the score was 0-0.

He hit a pitch from starter Yang Hyun-jong, but it was hit just inside the first base line. Yang raced to the ball and threw to first base, but the ball was off to the left, where first baseman Choi Won-jun couldn’t catch it and it rolled behind him. Pirela took first base.메이저놀이터

Kia manager Kim Jong-kook requested a video review of the three-pitch violation. Pirela jumped inside the line and interfered with the throw. The slow replay showed that Pirela definitely ran inside.

The video center’s replay showed a safe retention. The umpire took the microphone and explained his reasoning, “Pirela jumped inside, but the pitcher threw the ball away from the start.”

Kim jumped up and strongly protested, but it was not accepted and he was automatically ejected according to the rules. He was frustrated that the decision was made differently in a similar situation to the three-pitch call in the NC game in June.

On June 16, Shin was called out for a three-pitch violation when he bunted with runners on first and second base in the fifth inning of the Gwangju NC game.

Shin executed the bunt perfectly, but he ran inside the line and took first base on a bad pitch from pitcher Ryu Jin-wook, but it was corrected as an out after the NC requested a video replay.

Shin Beom-soo jumped inside and interfered with the pitch. The runners who advanced to second and third base were allowed to return home.

Kim was ejected for asking for a second look.

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