Rookies selected in last season’s KBL rookie draft and WKBL new player selection event are spending their first professional offseason. I spent time growing up to address my shortcomings, and sometimes went on outings to get some air in my nostrils. Their offseason is very different. I met them, heard about their precious day, and captured it in a photo diary. Like a teacher who stamps ‘Good job’ on the picture diaries of elementary school students during summer vacation, let’s examine their day.스포츠토토

※Please note that this article was published in the September issue of Jumpball, a basketball magazine.

For your information, I’m not good at speaking, so I almost created this story together with (Lee) Won-seok. At the end of April, Wonseok and I suddenly left for Gangwon-do. Before the vacation ended, he went out without a plan to go out and have fun. Because I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t even decide where to go in Gangwon-do. Anyway, Wonseok drove and I relaxed next to him as we headed to Gangwon-do. I took the highway to Gangwon-do, but the road to Gangneung was less congested, so I headed straight to Gyeongpodae Beach. I took a quick look at the sea and went to eat raw fish. I eat a lot of seafood, and Wonseok is such a sweetheart. Ugh. Wonseok is a picky eater, so he could only eat two types of fish: salmon and flounder. Then the two men went to a cafe and ate soufflé pancakes… . Here is not the end.

The two also took 4 pictures. It was the first four-picture photo I took of myself with a man for the first time in my life. I feel… . It wasn’t very good. I intentionally took the picture from a bit far away haha. I went to see the sea again, and I thought, why should I see such a beautiful scenery with this person? I couldn’t even see the sunset because the sun was setting on the other side. It was an impromptu trip where I ate noodles and meat and ate well, but it wasn’t bad or good. I don’t feel like I should go again, but Won-seok is trying to persuade me to go to Jeju Island later. oh my god… .

On July 28th, I took a short vacation and went to my hometown Mokpo with my high school friends. Our first plan, strangely(?), was a nap at our house. I woke up from a nap and ordered three servings of jjaggeul. But, does everyone know? There are a lot of really good restaurants in the province, so no matter where you order, the food is delicious and the portions are really big. The jjaggeul was also the best. However, only about 5 people came… he. At night, I made and ate takoyaki myself. Like a pajama party between friends, there is a ‘takoyaki party’ in Japan. I wanted to do that, so I ordered a machine in advance, but delivery was slow so I gave up. But somehow, when I got home, the machine had arrived! I quickly went to the supermarket and bought octopus and flour. I made it with the kids, flipping it until our arms fell apart, but it tasted like egg bread because it wasn’t takoyaki dough haha… . Egg bread with octopus.

The next morning I went fishing. The problem was that it was very hot. Even though I was sitting still, it was so hot that my soul was going out. It had even rained the day before, so there were no fish in the nearby sea. I’m usually good at catching things, but I really couldn’t catch anything… . My skills are not at this level ㅠㅠ. The photo is of a loach caught by my father’s friend who went with us. I gave up on fishing and ate ramen on the boat, and surprisingly, the ramen was boiled in a kettle. Aren’t you really smart? Because it’s a kettle, you can enjoy soup comfortably hahaha. The ramen was really delicious, but I was very disappointed that I couldn’t catch the fish. Next time, I should catch something as big as a real king and show it off!

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