The offseason of Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers (hereinafter referred to as AI Peppers), the youngest team in the V-League Women’s Division, is busy카지노사이트.

It is spurring skinship with the local community. AI Peppers will hold an AI Peppers Club Day event on the 16th and an AI Peppers Volleyball Championship for elementary and middle school students on the 22nd and 23rd. Meals and various souvenirs are provided to participating players and parents. An official from AI Peppers said, “This club day is an event in which parents directly participate in the program to provide true fun and interest in volleyball beyond the participation of about 300 club students.” As we are accepting applications without notice, we hope that many young athletes from all over the country will participate, making it a fun and exciting festival regardless of victory or defeat.”

Since its inception, AI Peppers has made various efforts to establish a culture related to the Honam region and nurture local youngsters. In May of last year, along with the operation of the youth club in Gwangju Metropolitan City with the founding, the ‘AI Peppers Cup Youth Volleyball Competition’ was held. In addition, in August of last year, he signed an MOU with Suncheon Daeseokcho and is leading the development of a youth club with a total of 300 members in three regions in Honam. In addition, we are fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of the region as well as laying the groundwork for volleyball through various social contribution activities, including fund delivery and support for fostering professional athletes in the Honam area, scholarship support for university students, and donations for regional development.

The love of the home fans is gradually accumulating. Even while the AI ​​Peppers were struggling, a lot of fans came to Pepper Stadium, the home stadium, and sent enthusiastic support for every game. It was enough to impress the players who burned their passion by doing their best in every game despite difficulties. Based on this, AI Peppers harvested 5 wins, more than the first season (3 wins), revealing hope for the upcoming new season. He also showed the potential of winning two wins against Korea Expressway Corporation, who won the 2022-2023 V-League champion.

AI Peppers’ various activities to return the love of fans received on the court to the local community seem to be enough to serve as the basis for expanding the youth base, establishing a volleyball culture, and further developing Korean volleyball while fulfilling the duties of a related club.

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