Tottenham will soon make a final decision on whether to sack manager Antonio Conte. It is a situation where considerable weight is placed on the possibility of hardening.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Conte’s future at Tottenham will be finally decided by Wednesday night. Tottenham are evaluating whether or not he can keep Tottenham to the end after manager Conte angered at an official press conference. ” reported. Wednesday night in British time is Thursday morning in Korean time토토사이트.

Coach Conte exploded in the Premier League schedule ahead of the A match in March. At the official press conference after drawing 3-3 with last-place team Southampton, he said, “It’s not a team. I don’t want the players to play under pressure and stress. That’s why Tottenham has been the owner for 20 years, but can’t win. I tried to hide it, but now it’s not. In the current state, it’s the same no matter what coach comes. Trust me.”

He pointed the arrow at the squad after the draw against Southampton, saying “there are selfish players”. According to ‘Sky Sports’, Conte had the pride of quickly building a winning mentality no matter what team he was in charge of, but it turned out that he was disappointed because he couldn’t make it at Tottenham.

Coach Conte took over in the middle of the 2021-22 season and was contracted until this season, with an option to extend for another year. However, he intended to leave the team at the end of the season without activating the option to extend for another year. “Fabrigio Romano”

Chairman Daniel Levy is contemplating a breakup with manager Daniel Levy after making shocking remarks in public. ‘Sky Sports’ announced that “everything will be decided within 48 hours,” and ‘Fabrigio Romano’ pointed out on the 21st, “We are discussing the final decision on the future of coach Conte.”

Looking at the current atmosphere, it is expected that coach Conte will be unavoidable. Hojbjerg, who was summoned to the Danish national team, was asked, “Was Conte’s press conference correct?”

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