Okinawa is getting hot. The mini league of 5 teams will start soon.

The 10 KBO League teams started spring camp on the 1st and started preparing for the 2023 season in earnest. In particular, this year, all clubs set up overseas training grounds for the first time in three years. For the past two years, I had to prepare for the season in Korea due to Corona 19.

More than half of the 10 clubs (kt Wiz, SSG Landers, Hanwha Eagles, LG Twins, Kiwoom Heroes, KIA Tigers, NC Dinos) sweated in the United States. The Doosan Bears trained in Sydney, Australia, the Lotte Giants in Guam, an American territory, and the Samsung Lions in Okinawa, Japan.

From early to mid-February, if you focused on physical strength and technical training and improved the players’ condition, from now on, you will start a full-fledged actual battle-oriented schedule.

SSG, Hanwha, KIA, and Lotte move their training grounds to Okinawa, Japan, to prepare for the 2023 season. LG, kt, Kiwoom, NC and Doosan continue training at the 1st training ground.

If this happens, five clubs, including Samsung, which is already training in Japan, will gather in Okinawa. Samsung has already had practice games with Japanese clubs such as Nippon Ham, Chunichi, and Hanshin. 먹튀검증 He is doing hell training in the familiar Okinawa and doing the best off-season. Lotte is also adapting to Okinawa, although not as good as Samsung, having come in earlier than other teams and having exchange matches and joint training with its sister club Chiba Lotte Marines 2nd Team.

From the 28th, Korean teams’ practice matches will begin. Samsung and Lotte kick off the Okinawa League with a practice match. Originally, a practice game between KIA and Hanwha was also scheduled, but was canceled due to KIA’s schedule adjustment.

Prior to COVID-19, many teams had their last hardening in Okinawa prior to the opening of the demonstration games. Because it is in the south, the temperature is high and there are many baseball fields. It was a perfect area for the players as there was no need to adjust to jet lag.

However, as mentioned above, Corona 19 held back the Okinawa league and even catching a practice game was difficult. Now, as Corona 19 is released, it seems that the focus will be on active exchanges between teams and exploration of power.

Baseball fans are also very interested. Samsung, KIA, Hanwha, etc. will also broadcast live practice matches. Samsung cheerleader Kim Sang-heon also came to broadcast the practice game live. KIA also plans to use four cameras for this relay. ‘Eagles TV’, which is popular with fans, also visits fans.

Okinawa is getting hot again. SSG meets Lotte (March 1st and 4th), Hanwha (3rd) and Samsung (6th). KIA is scheduled to play against Samsung (1st and 5th), Lotte (3rd) and Hanwha (7th). Samsung will play Lotte (February 28), KIA (March 1 and 5), SSG (6th) and Hanwha (8th), and Lotte will play against Samsung (February 28) and Hanwha (March 2). , 5 days). Hanwha will play against Lotte (March 2nd and 5th), Hanwha (March 3rd), KIA (March 7th) and Samsung (March 8th).

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