Pyeongtaek Han Kwang-joong, a ‘private rifleman’, won the 6th Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor’s Cup National Shooting Competition and won the season’s 4th crown by shooting a new record in the south-central air rifle team event.

Han Kwang-jung, led by coach Kim Dong-young, teamed up with Song Si-woo, Park Seong-chan, Moon Mun-hoon, and Jung Ji-woo in the south-central air rifle team event on the 6th day of the competition, which continued at the Daegu Shooting Range on the 6th, and scored 1,861.9 points. It broke the new record (1,859.6 points) set by Daegu Maecheon Middle School (1,853.9 points) and Seoul Osan Middle School (1,849.9 points) to win the championship.

This season’s Michuholgi Competition (March) and Changwon Mayor’s Cup Competition for the Chief of the Presidential Security Service (Above April) are the 4th team championships.

In the individual competition, Song Si-woo, who reached the final with a tie record of 625.5 points in the finals, won the gold medal match by easily beating Han Bo-ram (Osan Middle School) 16 to 6 in the gold medal match, and won 2 crowns in the season following the Michuholgi competition. did.

Kim Dong-young토토사이트, coach of Han Kwang-jung, said, “I am happy and proud that our players have been well-balanced and won the championship with a new middle school record in one month. As three of our players are participating in the National Youth Sports Festival to be held at the end of this month and are in charge of the main axis school, we will do our best to prepare for the remaining period so that we can win the championship.”

In addition, in the girls’ high school 50m 3-position team event, Gyeonggi Physical Education High School, in which Kim I-sol, Shim Yeo-jin, Um Ji-yu, and Choi Ye-rin competed, set a new tournament record of 1,708 points (previous 1,706 points), beating Goyang Juyeop High School (1,690 points) and Seoul Taereung High School. (1,677 points) and took the hegemony. In the individual competition, Um Ji-yu defeated Kim I-sol of the same team 16-8 to win the championship, and also became the 2nd gold medal in the tournament.

In the South High School 50m Team Competition, Goyang Juyeop High School teamed up with Kim Si-woo, Jeong Ju-wan, Seo Jun-won, and Eom Yun-chan won the championship with 1,819.7 points, beating Seoul Physical Education High School (1,814.7 points) and Han Gwang-go (1,811.6 points). He set a new record in points (613.3 points) and won two gold medals in the event by adding a gold medal.

On the other hand, in the Namgobu Air Rifle Team Competition held the day before, Taekyung Kim, Kangbin Mo, Jaeyeon Lee, and Woojung Nam took the first championship of the season ahead of Seoul Physical Education High School (1,864.5 points) with 1,867.7 points.

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