Originally, Ronaldo had agreed to sign a seven-year contract with Al Nasr. He spent two and a half years playing as a player, and the rest was being a public relations ambassador for Saudi Arabia. His annual salary for 7 years is 200 million euros (270 billion won).

Ronaldo was a must-have for Saudi Arabia, which is aiming to host the 2030 World Cup, in pursuit of sports washing. Therefore, the contract between Al Nasr and Ronaldo was to end in 2030, when the World Cup was held.

When this news spread, Ronaldo received strong criticism. He was accused of being an agent of Saudi Arabia sportswashing. Then, Ronaldo is said to have expressed his intention not to play the role of public relations ambassador. After that, the story of the public relations ambassador went into the story.

If so, the contract between Ronaldo and Al Nasr should be over in two and a half years. However, these reports are not forthcoming. Rather, local media reported that Ronaldo raised the possibility of extending his playing career at Al Nasr, and recently Ronaldo revealed his willingness to retire from his active career at Al Nasr.

In this situation, Spain’s ‘As’ reported that the contract between Ronaldo and Al Nasr is still maintained for 7 years. No ambassador role. However, if they were similar, they were given other roles that could be seen as similar.

The media published an article titled ‘How long is the contract between Al Nasr and Ronaldo’ and said, “The Ronaldo contract will keep Ronaldo at Al Nasr for the next 7 years. Ronaldo’s role as a player ends in 2025. After that, we plan to appoint him as a ‘sports advisor’ for the rest of the year. We will see Ronaldo earn 200 million euros a year for 7 years.” 메이저놀이터

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