President Yoon Seok-yeol has reinstated the dismissal of Han Sang-hyuk, the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission토토사이트, who was accused of manipulating TV Chosun’s re-approval score. The dismissal comes with two months left in Han’s term. The presidential office said that “Han Sang-hyuk is unable to fulfill his duties,” but Han has vowed to take legal action.

Hee-yeon Kang is a reporter.


On February 2, Korea Communications Commissioner Han Sang-hyuk was indicted on charges of unfairly granting TV Chosun a “conditional” reauthorization by deliberately hiding the fact that its score was revised from other commissioners during the 2020 reauthorization review process.

The President’s Office pointed out that the commissioner “obstructed the execution of official duties by virtue of his position and abused his authority as the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission”.

“It has reached a situation where it is impossible for him to perform his normal duties,” the office said, explaining why President Yoon Seok-yeol reinstated his suspension.

As of midnight tonight, Han will step down as chairman.

He immediately announced that he will take legal action.

[Han Sang-hyuk/Commissioner of the Korea Communications Commission: I think it is very unfair to dismiss me from office based on the fact of criminal prosecution, which is sufficiently disputable. I plan to file an authorization lawsuit and an application for an executive order together].

The government, however, immediately set about appointing a new CRTC chairman.

It will operate under an acting chairman system until the end of July, the end of the remaining term of one chairman, and then appoint a new chairman.

Lee Dong-kwan, who served as the presidential press secretary under the Lee Myung-bak administration, is being talked about as a possible successor.

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