The Clippers beat Boston.

The Los Angeles Clippers won the 2022-2023 NBA regular season Boston Celtics 113-93 at the Los Angeles Arena on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time). 

The Clippers took the league leader Boston and won two consecutive victories. Kawhi Leonard, who had been sluggish, won a decision victory over Jayson Tatum, who is being discussed as an MVP candidate this season. Boston, which continues its Western expedition schedule, has lost two consecutive games.

The Clippers showed that Leonard (25 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists), who had been stagnant since the injury, was completely revived in this game. Leonard drove Boston with a high field goal success rate of 83.3% (10/12). Paul George also contributed 26 points.

Boston lost, though Jayson Tatum had 20 points and 11 rebounds, Jaylen Brown had 21 points, and Malcolm Brogdon had 18 points. Tatum played not badly, but it was painful that Yatoo’s sluggish performance (7/20) continued.

Boston took the lead first with Marcus Smart and Derek White’s 3-pointers early in the game. The Clippers, which had a slow start, succeeded in turning around with Marcus Morris, George, and Reggie Jackson’s outer guns coming out one after another.

Boston, which had been struggling to score for a while, made a breakthrough with Brogdon. The Clippers, who had a good flow, ended the first quarter with a score of 29-25.

As the second quarter began, Boston turned the game around with consecutive scores from bench units. The Clippers in crisis did not lose the initiative with Nicola Batum and George playing an active role. Boston also did not back down, with Brogdon actively attacking.

The Clippers, who were in a tight battle, gained the upper hand with Leonard, who succeeded in mid-range jumpers one after another. Boston was pushed back by the Clippers’ offensive despite Tatum’s fight. The first half ended with the Clippers leading 56-47. 토토

Entering the third quarter, the Clippers dominated the game with the Leonard and George duo at the fore. In particular, Leonard, whose movements were unusual, hit Boston with a hook shot using his long arm and his long-arm fadeaway. 

Boston, which had been dragged, prepared an opportunity for a rebound with Grant Williams and Tatum at the center. However, the Clippers did not back down, responding with Luke Kennard’s 3-pointer. The Clippers, who ran again with John Wall scoring, ended the third quarter with an 88-72 score.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Boston, with Brown’s strength, pulled the reins of the chase. However, the Clippers held their lead wide with scores from Kennard and George. The Clippers, who were getting closer to victory, solidified their winning streak with Leonard showing off his excellent shooting sense. In the end, Boston, who was defeated, called Tatum and Brown to the bench.

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