Park Ji-seong (42) gave a huge tribute to Son Heung-min (30).  

This is Park Ji-sung, who played an active part in the Korean national soccer team, Manchester United, and widened the door to Europe. Following Baton, Son Heung-min is becoming the pride of Korea by playing a big role in the Korean national soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur. 

National team senior Park Ji-seong celebrated Son Heung-min’s EPL 100 goal on the 27th and gave rave reviews to his junior. This was released on the same day through Tottenham’s official SNS. STN Sports introduces Ji-Sung Park’s full speech in three parts: 1st, 2nd, and 2nd.

Following the middle part,

Park Ji-seong said, “When I was playing 크크크벳on the EPL stage, what I thought was that only world-class players were allowed to be the top scorer in the EPL. So even I hadn’t thought of an Asian player becoming the top scorer in the EPL. However, Heung-min In the end, it has been achieved. This is an incredible achievement that Asia has brought. And that fact is special to all Asian football fans and Asian players.” 

He continued, “Asia is now able to dream bigger. That Asia can produce the world’s best players. Before Heung-min became the top scorer, it might have been difficult for Asia to dream such a dream. The situation is different from before. It is a really great achievement, and it can be said that it is an unprecedented achievement in our history.” 

Park Ji-seong said, “(And what about the Puskas Award?) All Korean players, and all Asian players did not expect to win (the Puskas Award). I also did not expect to receive such an award in my career. It’s a great reason. At the same time, we could see Heung-min’s journey coming to an end (with his goal against Burnley). It wasn’t easy, it must have been hard, but he did it. And we can’t help but wonder how he I know that it has been accomplished,” he said. 

He said: “I was really happy with Heung-min’s award. At the time of scoring, I watched him score against Burnley directly from the pitch, and all I can say is that it was an incredible goal. It is my hope that he will continue to score until the moment he retires, and that after that all Asian players will look at Heung-min and make history by trying to catch up with or surpass Heung-min. “he added.  

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