The children’s luxury market is growing.

In the midst of this, a netizen’s request to ‘don’t wear luxury goods to your children’ is becoming a hot topic online.

Recently, an article titled ‘Don’t dress your kids 토스카지노in luxury goods’ was posted on an online community.

The author, presumed to be an elementary school teacher, said that there was a group of parents who dressed their children in various luxury items. When adults nearby said, “The hairpin looks pretty,” “Let’s exchange it with my doll,” or “Let’s exchange it with my bag,” the children readily changed it. told

He also explained that even if you explain to the children, “Don’t follow anyone” and “Don’t change,” children’s vigilance disappears when they play together in the playground for 10 minutes.

At the same time, he said that expensive items and accessories are easy to target for child crime, so they are banned at school, and asked to refrain from wearing luxury goods even for the sake of the child.

Netizens responded with sympathy, such as ‘Children do not know how expensive and precious they must be educated well’ and ‘Teachers have limitations in managing them’.

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