Prim’s indefatigable power was once again in full force. Hyundai Mobis washed away the regrets of the last game and stopped KCC from winning streak.

Gage Prim of Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus played as a starter in the 3rd round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league against Jeonju KCC Egis held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 12th and played 32 minutes and 29 seconds, recording 20 points and 9 rebounds. .

He played a strong role in a fierce fight with not only KBL veteran La Gun-ah, but also Lee Seung-hyun, who is the best at blocking foreign players among domestic players. With Prim’s performance, Hyundai Mobis beat KCC 83-79.

Prim said, “It was a good victory. We played three games in five days, but it wasn’t difficult because all the team members were overcoming it together.”

With this victory, Hyundai Mobis won all three matches against KCC this season.

He said, “It seems to be the result of a well-organized game plan rather than me being particularly good at it. All of the team members work hard, and while we play as a team, well-planned strategies seem to be the driving force behind our victory.”

Regarding the matchup with Laguna, he explained, “Laguna is a veteran and a player I respect. Apart from that, on the court, I think there are good results because I always do my best.”

Hyundai Mobis, who had a narrow lead, allowed Heo Woong to tie the score with 1 minute and 11 seconds left. In the process of blocking the opponent’s 2v2 play, Prim came out and could not block Heoung’s shot. 스포츠토토

Prim said, “It’s an area I need to improve. I feel that there are teams that are pulling me out of the field lately, but my teammates are helping me well. I went from a tie to a comeback, but I’m grateful that Seo Myung-jin succeeded in making a big shot. Not only Seo Myung-jin, but my teammates I was confident that I would be able to throw no matter who threw because I trusted everyone,” he said.

Prim, who uses power basketball based on his overflowing power, is the first overseas experience. He said, “I just want to win,” leaving a special goal, and asserted, “This season, so far, I have never had a hard time on the inside.”

He also expressed pride in saying, “All players on our team are the best options” for the surest way to win among the team’s various options.

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