Former world No. 1 Osaka Naomi (currently ranked 69th), who went on tour with her first child pregnant in January this year, is expected to drop out of the top 300 next week.  

It was confirmed that Osaka would fall out of the top 300 after failing to keep up with her 650 points earned by her Miami Open runner-up last year토토사이트. It is the first time in about 9 years since July 28, 2014 that Osaka has fallen out of the 300 books. This also knocks her out of the Top 100 for the first time in about seven years since May 23, 2016. 

Naomi Osaka has not played her game since she withdrew from the second round of the Toray Pan Pacific Open last September due to her stomachache. She aroused doubts from her fans when she boycotted the Australian Open, her first major tournament of the season, without further explanation.

Meanwhile, on January 11, he suddenly posted a picture on his official SNS and said, “There are things I look forward to for the future. One of them is my child watching my game and telling someone that that is my mother.” announced the pregnancy.

Osaka seems to be enjoying life with her own pregnancy. On March 22, she posted on her official Instagram a picture of her smiling slightly while looking at her enlarged belly on the streets of Ginza. It is unknown at this time whether her Osaka will return to her tour as normal after giving birth and raising children, as she has dreamed of, or whether she will leave her tour as it is.

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