Gangwon Chuncheon World Taekwondo Culture Festival opened today (18th) in Chuncheon.

Some 6,000 people from 63 countries around the world will participate to

compete with the skills they have honed over the years.

This is reporter Kim Moon-young’s report.


The two players perform a quick kick on top of an octagonal diamond ring.

Every time you defeat an opponent, the score on the large screen goes up with thrilling sound effects.

It is the Octagon Diamond Tournament where you can enjoy Taekwondo matches as excitingly as real-time game broadcasting.

[Soundbite] Wang Seon-ja/Seoksa-dong, Chuncheon-si : “I don’t know if it’s because it’s a new game, but when the players score goes up, they cheer and enjoy it together.”] The curtain

rises for the World Taekwondo Cultural Festival.

Until the 24th, all around Songam-dong, Chuncheon, 4 internationally recognized competitions, power breaking competitions, and self-defense competitions will be held.

The World Taekwondo Federation confirmed the relocation of its headquarters to Chuncheon and announced that it would hold the World Junior Championships and three international competitions in Chuncheon next year.

However, in some festivals, the competition schedule was disrupted.

Some outdoor games, such as the Beach Championships, which were supposed to be held on the water, were postponed to the evening due to the heat wave.

The mat is so hot that it is difficult to stand barefoot for a while.

As a result, the match was stopped after 30 minutes.

As the construction was carried out a day before the opening day and the stadium was changed, participants complained of inconvenience.안전놀이터

[K1/Luxembourg player/Yesterday : “I don’t think the air conditioner will be enough to prepare for the heat wave. Then it will be difficult for us to focus on preparing for the competition.”] The organizing committee said it was inevitable for safety reasons


[Soundbite] Lee Sang-min/Taekwondo Cultural Festival Organizing Committee Chairman : “We are preparing for four world events in a short period of five months, so the finish is a bit lacking… but we will do our best to finish without safety accidents.”

] (19th) As the opening ceremony and performances continued at the main stadium, more than 10,000 people were expected to gather, so we decided to focus on preventing safety accidents.

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