The publishing company that signed a contract with a monk from the Jogye sect, who went to a prestigious university and appeared on television토토사이트, has cancelled the contract amid allegations that he is the father of two children.

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“As a result of the consultation with the monk, we have taken the book out of print and terminated the exclusive author management contract,” the publisher said on the 2nd.

As a result, the publisher has decided to take the book out of print and return the entire advance and the amount of the book’s destruction.

The monk reportedly left the monastery a year after entering a prestigious university. He has published several books while studying and practising, and has been in close contact with the public through social networking services (SNS). He has also appeared on television, including appearances on morning show singers and programmes.

Recently, however, there have been allegations in the media that he married a woman from the same sect and had a child with her.

“He first joined a small Buddhist sect that allowed intermarriage, married a woman of the same sect, and had his first child,” a source told the media. “When he wanted to move to the Jogye sect, he asked his wife to give him a fake divorce,” the source said.

“His wife agreed to the divorce, believing that he would earn child support and living expenses, and even after he moved to the Jogye sect, he continued to meet with her and gave birth to a second child.” However, the monk is demanding a formal divorce, not a sham divorce, and the children do not know who their father is, sparking controversy.

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